How is life 90+ days of nofap?

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    Hey dear friends,
    I am 28 y/o. I am on day 74 of NoFap, still have a couple of weeks to continue my 90 day streak.
    I want to give you a short brief of my story with porn, i began watching normal porn when i was 14, first masturbated when i was 17, since then i tried different types of porn, tried hard to stick to normal porn away of hardcore, in the last 4 years masturbated daily from 3 to 6 times, sometimes with porn or fantasizing, i think that i fucked in my imagination every single woman i saw disregarding her beauty.
    I started nofap on beginning of February, i am single, never had sex before so don't experience any sexual related disorders like PIED, i started to feel the benefits of nofap from the third week, my view to women changed a lot and i stopped objectifying, my concentration increased, my health went better, i acquired new habbits, i got a single wet dream after a month.
    After about one and half month i felt like nothing is changing, the urges are not coming as hard as the beginning but they are still coming, i don't have the strong motivation not to go back, it is only the fear of addiction. When i have free time i hear a sound from the deep inside of me asking for porn.
    I don't know how is life after day 90, but i am afraid it will not change alot than the situation now, is there away to continue all life without porn and masturbation and not feel these urges?
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