How long have you been addicted to PMO?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Fenix Rising, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Fenix Rising

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    Hi fellow Fapstronauts,

    are you willing to share information how long have you been addicted to PMO and to what extend… I mean daily/weekly frequency, like doing it once, twice or ten times daily/weekly… to help me get a perspective how deep in a rabbit hole have I fallen :)

    My disclosure: Been doing compulsive PMO for +17 years, compulsive MO for around 25 years (no high speed internet back then). Daily frequency varied, going from 3 to 10 times a day and I'm probably around 4-6 times a day on average now.
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    My addiction to PMO lasted about 20 years...from 15 to 36! YIKES! Glad to say Ive changed and feel awake now. Im no longer in a trance, where PMO is the thing that makes me the most happiest. I was doing it a few times a week and have not looked back...over 212 days strong now!
    It really messes up any relationship youre in. ED, intimacy, name it PMO F*%cks it up! I dont know how many times I felt PMO was better than sex...and thats so messed up. Thats not natural. Sex and intimacy are the best thing anyone could ever hope for. PMO will destroy your life. Do anything it takes to stop that. ANYTHING!
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  3. Fenix Rising

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    I've tried… 3 'hard mode' attempts, hitting 90 days twice and 180 days once, but for some reason, every relapse afer reboot sends me to deeper compulsive spiral.
  4. upgrade2.0

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    Its all mind over matter IMO. Just one slip up puts you back at the starting point which is what you dont want to do. Keep trying because everyone slips up. And as long as you keep trying and giving it one more shot...youre winning! Nobody is perfect an its only natural to want to experience that dopamine rush...but just think about how great and proud youll feel if you resist that urge and put all that effort into a real everlasting intimate relationship. Thats bliss and blows PMO out of the water!
  5. Hi, I am 35 years old. I started "edging" when I was a pre-teen, and the first time I masturbated I was 15 and I remember that first time. Then I remember, at age 16, I was at work one day, outside by the dumpster, and inside there was a porn magazine just sitting there. Well I took it for my own and ever since was hooked. I would start going to porn stores and then of course the internet. So all around, been doing PMO about 20 years. I would say that during that time span, there's been periods when I do PMO many days in a row, sometimes taking up to a few days off from it. During these 20 years, it has been RARE that I have gone a week or more without PMO. Also very rarely have I done PMO twice in one day.
  6. JouleTrader

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    39. Started at about 19. Daily before sleep. No wanking, no sleeping (it was that bad). It was compounded with porn. Not just normal porn. I don't go for vanilla porn.

    I'm about a month free. Got into a depressive spiral over life matters. Got on anti-depressants. It managed to reset me enough so I don't feel the urges so strong.

    I look back. My life is sorta wasted. So many hours. But I don't really want to linger. I had a Nofap account years ago on Reddit. Made it to about 14 days without wanking. Longest I ever had without porn is 3 months. (but still with wanking)

    I think to myself. Maybe a jerk would be good. But then. I spent so much of my life trying to quit it. Do I really want to?
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  7. Hi JouleTrader! Welcome here! I also deal with depression and am on medication. I also fall in to the "wasted life" trap, but then think my best days are a head of me! You have a good streak going, good luck!
  8. AlmostRosey

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    I've wondered the same thing myself.

    I'm 30. Probably started off like any "normal" teenager - the only difference (because of being gay) made real experiences difficult to come by. So while my straight friends were starting to have real experiences with girls, I probably started to rely more on the internet to satisfy my urges. I think that started a spiral because then I always felt behind...inexperienced...basically feared I would be bad at sex and so refrained from getting involved with people as I got older. This only got worse when ED truly kicked in.

    To answer your original question - probably averages out at once a day, with some periods where I've abstained enough to have 3 or 4 days in a row free, but other times have got lost and done 3 times a day. I actually hate typing it because it makes me realise how far down I fell. And makes me worried that I'll need more days than the average person to recover from PIED. I'm doing hard mode because I really want to defeat this. I'm on the longest streak I've ever achieved and am not going backwards this time!
  9. Fenix Rising

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    I don't want to sound pessimistic, but I still had PIED after 6 months of hard mode.
  10. JouleTrader

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    Hi, thanks
    I'm married with a wife and kids. OMG porn nearly destroyed my marriage and family. Good grief. I'm picking up the pieces. I know I could relapse. But I've lasted nearly a month... If I can last a month clean I can last another month. I personally don't think it's about the self-pleasuring. I won't beat myself up over it. It's not about whether you can fap, it's whether you can do without fapping.

    I do have urges, like real strong, but I built up some new habits to block them. I do still have a mega case of blue balls, I mean I was doing it like 3 times a day at times....
  11. Since I was like 14,untill ~ 1.5 years ago.
    A lot of time damn it. Ruined myself for so long.
    But hopefully I ll keep my streak going forever
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  12. Blossom

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    How long I was addicted? Since I was 14 I think.. (9 years now)
    How frequently did I watch porn/masturbate? it really depends on my mood in that particular day
  13. TDBman

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    I'm 42 and have been have been addicted to porn and MO since I was 12 or so. Started with dirty magazines like Penthouse, Hustler, etc. that my dad would bring home in huge boxes from the steel mill that he worked at. Then when I was about 16 I would rent porn VHS tapes from this mom and pop video store that had an adults only room. The woman who owned the store new I was not 18, but was always happy to rent me the videos. I dated the same girl from 16 until I was 20, and had non stop good sex with her until we decided we wanted different things in life and parted ways.Even while dating and getting laid all the time, I still masturbated every chance I got to porn. I remember a handful of times that I would go limp in the middle of intense sex for no reason. Never understood why. After we broke up I had a handful of short relationships with multiple women in my early 20's and experienced trouble maintaining erections on different occasions. Met my wife when I was 24 and got married after 8 years, and stayed together for 16 years total. First few years we had a normal sex life, and both watched porn, and experimented with many kinks and fetishes, but I always preferred PMO by myself. Eventually I got to the point that I would come up with reasons not to have sex because it didn't do anything for me. Morning wood went away years ago and getting/maintaining erections became a real problem. Our marriage ended 3 years ago due to many reasons, but I blame porn more than anything. I haven't had sex since 6 months after we split up, which was actually with my ex wife, and am certain that I would not be able to get an erection with a woman now. So, after that rant, I'm saying that I've been addicted to PMO for roughly 30 years. Usually once a day. Sometimes twice. There were a lot of times where I might not have looked at porn and masturbated for several days up to a week simply because of work and not having the opportunity or time. But about 8 months ago I started PMO 2 or 3 times daily and still surfing porn in between sessions. I noticed that my house was becoming increasingly messier, I was having trouble focusing, I had no motivation, I was gaining weight, I wasn't being socially active, and I was developing noticeably increased anxiety and depression. Started looking into side effects of porn and masturbation and found Nofap. Also discovered that porn really is an addiction and PMO leads to ED. Who'd of thunk it? So here I am. Still struggling. But I have hope that it's not too late for me, and I can regain control of my brain and my life, and eventually have a strong connection and intimate relationship with a real woman.
  14. jk243

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    Well ... began To watch since 2012(pictures only, vidéos in 2013), it was occasionally; become a problem 3 years ago when I fapped for the first time. Been struggling since those 3 years (20 years old) and I went too far. I can say I fapped once every 2 days.
  15. strangeworld908

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    Started using porn at about 16. Never reallyu had a probably or say i got addicted until 20 and didnt really become a problem till about 21. Used it to cope with depression, anxiety, girlfriend issues. Now I'm 30+ days clean and at age 23 I'm not looking back.
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  16. I think about 2006 I started with a little here and there. I feel like things started to escalate about 2008. I would have times where I would be upset with myself but I didn't really understand the depth of the problem until just a month ago.
  17. JJTorres

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    1st season age 13-20(7 years)
    and in the beginning was once daily one period was twice a day then ocassionally at the end.

    2nd season age 28 (6 months)

    3rd season age 32 (1 month)
    almost daily at the beginning then turned daily.
  18. Trevelyan357

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    I'm 32 and have been recovering from this mess for almost 2 years .

    M - Started this around 1998-2000. I was in the last year of middle school. Already there were plenty of scantily clad girls to wack off to. I didn't have the courage to ask out any girls. To be honest, the girls that I was interested in were real cunts. M seemed to be the easiest way to get some release. I started harming myself around this time too (in the form of chewing/picking at the inside of my mouth and picking at my feet).

    P - Started this around 2002-2003. I didn't have a computer at the time but my younger brother did. I used to go on his computer when he wasn't around and surf. Then I found his porn collection. I was pretty much hooked at that point. 2004 was the year that I really flew off the deep end though. I moved into my grandmothers apartment before starting university and had my own room and my own desktop computer. I remember I had a couple giant posters I taped onto the wall of Pamela Anderson and a couple of other porn stars. When I was working at the gas station down the street, one of my coworkers hooked me up with a porn magazine. This is also when I started drinking and continued harming myself.
  19. 3-4 Times a day. Up to 90 minutes total
  20. Peepaltree

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    Do mindfulness meditation please..