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How long is it safe to refrain from orgasm?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Sol79, May 31, 2022.

  1. Sol79

    Sol79 Fapstronaut


    I read that doctors do not recommend refraining from orgasm for a really long period. It may cause impotence.
    My question is to those who have refrained for at least a couple of months or more.
    Did you have any problems with erections after that long run?

    I always remember the phrase "use it or lose", what if after a long time of refraining from orgasm you would never be able to have it at all?

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  2. kopykat

    kopykat Fapstronaut

    I don't think "use it or lose it" applies here. If you're really curious, don't seek information from WebMD and similar sources. Instead, pick up books on abstinence, celibacy and semen retention. A good one to start with might be Brain Gain by Danavir Goswami. The medical industrial complex pushes lies because they benefit from forming societies of weak and sick men who are dependent on the establishment. But if you want a low sperm count, low Testosterone, hormonal imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, nervous disorders and premature aging, jerk off every day.
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  3. TheLightOne

    TheLightOne Fapstronaut

    I did 90 days, getting natural erections fron time to time. No problem at all
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  4. Jahnny

    Jahnny Fapstronaut

    Hi Sol79

    I'm doing Semen Retention for over a year now. And trust me, it's bullshit with impotence. I just had today a morning wood. What can happen after a long time of abstinence is a "delayed ejaculation". So let's say you're having an orgasm after some months of abstinence. You will feel the orgasm, but there will be no ejaculation. It will come in the second or third orgasm. That's because your body has "shut down" that system because you didn't do it for so long. I remember on one of my older streaks, where I went for 110 days and relapsed, this exactly happened. So no worries :). However, I've also heard from YT that they couldn't get him up during sex because of that shutdown, so prepare yourself before sex after a long abstinence.
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  5. Positive path

    Positive path Fapstronaut

    Beautiful explanation mate.

    I love this website, because the people here are amazing.
  6. kopykat

    kopykat Fapstronaut

    It sucks to say but masturbation and porn would never be as widely recommended and encouraged if they were truly healthy.

    It's beyond me how some people still don't understand this. Last two years, whenever lockdowns happened, McDonald's, liquor stores and weed dispensaries stayed open while gyms and state and national parks were closed (local parks in many cases, too). Many among us really need to wake up.
  7. I think there is a caveat that has to be seriously considered when doing long term abstinence. That caveat is the energy blockages/health or open flow of the energy centers in the body. I believe in India it’s referred to as Nadi channels that run along the nervous system.
    As you know we live in a profoundly unhealthy, and increasingly so, society. Vast majority of people are not properly stretching, breathing or or eating in a way that allows the free circulation of the energy in the body.
    Let’s take the root Chakra for example. Someone living in a primarily fear mind state, impoverished, running off of survival instincts and acute paranoia, will have a tightening of energy in that area and an over abundance of it. It will not circulate freely and a person’s mentality will remain locked into the energy feeding that center as long as their mind state and habits remain there in survival mode.
    This is relevant to sexual energy because unless we have active transformation and unblocked channels(mentally and physically) to allow it to flow to other areas we will see a natural build up of sexual energy. At which point it is my understanding it is healthy, and the body will do it in sleep often, to discharge that energy through wet dreams etc. for our own good. Because hormonal imbalance can absolutely happen in men and that excess testosterone after abstaining for weeks at a time and actually be damaging to sperm count or cause prostate issues. There is some merit behind this.
    So while I think the doctors have it partially right and the spiritual side has it partially right it’s up to use to take all of that information as 21st century men and women and marry that knowledge into a new understanding about sexual health in this increasing distraught and hyper sexualized world.
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  8. Swift Escape

    Swift Escape Fapstronaut

    Nah bro I once went upwards of two years without an "induced" orgasm and it wasn't any trouble. Just be wary of cysts!
  9. kopykat

    kopykat Fapstronaut

    Are there direct symptoms or effects associated with the localized tightening of energy or its overabundance? I feel like this might somehow apply to me.

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