How long till full recovery?

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    hi I’m new to all this so forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong forum

    I started fapping at 10 I did multi times a day but I started watching porn at 11 I did this nearly every day I started NoFap at 18 and I am now 20 the highest I have ever been is two weeks

    I’m just wondering given how long I’ve been addicted how long will it take for me to recover
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  2. Guess it depends what you mean by recover?

    Having done a 90 day reboot 5 years ago and ending up well north of 100 days I would say that we never fully "recover" if we mean that we can PMO and it'll be OK and not screw us up. I'm now back rebooting again and on day 10. From what I remember and looking back at posts I wrote I had noticeable changes in 30 days. I was depressed and anxious and that is what brought me to nofap. These were improving after a month. After 2 months I was a lot better and after 90 days I was pretty much as reset as I was going to get, or at least the pace was so slow at that point it's much less noticeable.

    Having said that it seems while there are general principles that apply to lots of people it is personal. From my experience last time from what I remember and from what I'm going through at the moment the first 2 to 3 weeks are hard! Not really urged to fap so much just feel anxious, depressed, on edge, shivery, like I have flu.
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    I will try to answer your question based on what I have seen here, so of course it is just opinion. The typical rest period is 90 days 'as advertised', but this may vary from person to person. Differences may be caused by biology, duration of addiction, how deep you went into the addiction and I have also seen some posts about recovery taking longer if you started engaging with pmo during the teenage years of before your body fully got used to healthy sex. Nevertheless, a big cause of relapse (even after 5+ months of recovery) is wanting quick gratification in the healing of harmful effects. It appears that you are keen to 'recover' so I'd say that find the reason why you need to quit and make this as solid as possible in your life. The reason is because you want to stay clean forever and however long it takes to get rid of pmo. In that way you will not start doubting when recovery takes longer or when you are fully recovered and try to 'test' the waters again.
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    I started when I was 12 years old, I quit after 8 years.I've been fighting since I was 20,i'm 21 years old now.If you have a heavy addiction of 10 years like mine,90 days may not mean much.It takes quite times, I have long streaks, but I still don't think I am healed.When you say recovery, I don't know exactly what you're talking about.ED ? I have no problem with ED so I don't know much about it.But other p induced problems will lose their effect over time.P induced fetishes are getting weaker over time.Of course you have to work on this.Concentrate on meaningful and productive activities , for example coding, solving math problems, reading book,sports,training...
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  5. If you keep relapsing it will take much longer. Since you started young, as far as I know to fully heal will take much longer than 90 days but that doesn't mean you won't see a good number of benefits in that time. Maybe invest in a strict porn blocker or accountability software since it might not be something you can do alone.
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