How long till magnesium, l theanine or ashwagandha work for anxiety?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Linex, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Linex

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    I was wondering since this is my first time taking those 3.
  2. Freebliss

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    Magnesium should work immediately if it’s good quality. Look into nature calm for that. It’s a powder. L theanine should work immediately as well. U can take more of that then u think. I’ve took 800mg and felt great on that dose but it build tolerance. Ashwagandha might take longer but idk cuz I tried that and didn’t like it.

    Taurine is another good one 500-2000 mg taking daily will work immediately and over time.
  3. saurabgangul

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    Should you be really be taking those? Is it really worth shouldn't you be focused on healing naturally... I was taking ashwagandha too but after some time I stopped having any good effects and after stoping that I had some dependency on it. And remember these supplements don't give you a reason to do pmo ever I was in this stage taking supplements and relapsing I was like it's okay I am supplementing enough but after results were not good I felt fked up for a long months after stoping ashwagandha it had some bad effects on me.
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    I think supplementing through food is the best. Like l theanine is present in basil leaves. U can have one in your house and chew 4-5 leaves daily. Overall depending on commercial supplements is worst u don't know how unnaturally your body and brain may be reacting. Sometimes it late enough to realize that you have fked up urself. I will say get some blood test done and then if any deficiency then go for commercial supplements
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    I would say that Magnesium is one of the few exemptions when it comes to what we eat naturally since much of what we eat isn't really as natural as we think and is greatly depreciated in nutrients. Magnesium for example is greatly depreciated from farmers overusing soil and the animals we eat are even depreciated since they eat what the farmers grow. On top of that, simple things like the water we drink out of the faucet depreciates us in Magnesium as well due to the chlorine. That's the one thing I personally supplement every day as with a Pro Omega D as I'm slightly low in that category. I absolutely agree though as far as what you eat should be as natural as you can and over time, you're quality of life and how you feel makes an incredible improvement. I personally drink green tea for L-thiamine. Trust me, when you start making these great changes in diet, it seems like work at first but over time, it becomes natural and after a certain amount of time, you'll eventually start disliking a lot of the junk you use to think was amazing. I can't speak much for ashwagandha as I wasn't much of a fan of that particular one as well.
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