How long to abstain to fix a mild death grip?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by SomeGuy1417, Apr 20, 2019.

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    TLDR: I have a mild death grip but seemingly no problem with porn or getting an erection. How long should i abstain from porn, masturbation and sex to allow my penis to recover?

    i have masturbated basically everyday once or twice since i was about 13. Never really seen it as a problem and while i do enjoy all kinds of porn while masturbating (and often get the urge to masturbate from seeing mildly pornigraphic materials such as anime) i do still prefer the look of a realistic woman the most (porn stars always look so fake and it really turns me of)

    Now, my first sexual experience was not a good one. When i was around 16 an opportunity for FWB opoened up and being a horny teen i gladly took it. The sex was horrible, i felt barely anything and didnt orgasm. I originally attributed this to being very nervous and the whole situation being kinda forced (i dont want to say rape since im still very good friends with this person and we talked the whole thing out extensively, but it was all really badly planned and i was thinking more with my dick than my head)

    Then after about 2 years i saw the video on Nofap by WhatIveLearned and read more into it. My first nofap challenge failed due to a lack of urgency and then i forgot about it.

    About half a year after that i had my next sexual experience, this time a lot more romantic with another friend of mine who i shared mutual feelings for (but a relationship wasnt an option sadly)

    We didnt fully have sex since she didnt feel ready, which i of course respected, but we did fool around a lot. Her giving me BJ's felt a lot better than what i remembered my first time sex to feel like, but it still wasnt enough to make me orgasm.

    I now believe that while porn isnt a problem for me, i do simply masturbate a bit too hard (always finish with fast and hard strokes) and maybe a bit too often (stil once or twice a day). I have also never used Lube, which probably attributed to the death grip developing.

    Now, i do still get erections on a normal basis (morning wood, whenever im aroused or touched, etc) and after having now done a week of Nofap, i didnt notice and real changes in my behaviour or mood that werent connected with me generally being more productive (which i had been a few weeks before starting nofap so i dont think theyre connected). I found the challenge to be rather easy so far. The few urges i really had were while having a playfully flirty conversation with a friend and while Playing Rabi-Ribi (which i then stopped to not get triggered by it, the art is just very special XD) and i was able to simply shake of the urges by doing something else or waiting for a minute.

    That all being said: How long should i abstain from masturbation? Since the problem is likely not in my head and just my dick, i dont know if the full 90 day reboot is still required for me. I still enjoy masturbation and while after im done with this challenge i will tone it down significantly, i do not really want to give up porn or masturbation alltogether.

    Also, the reason i typed out my whole situation is to give you all a full view. I have never told anyone the full situation since it feels so embarassing to have a problem with sex due to excessive masturbation, but i felt to a group of people also going through the same thing, giving the full view of my problem could allow you to point out where i may be wrong. If anything you saw doesn't add up i would love to know so i can either make my challenge longer or shorter.

    PS: I do not currenly have a girlfriend and am not really the type for one night stands so actually testing if its gotten better is going to be difficult. My current goal is one month of abstaining from PMO and im one week deep

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