How long will my recovery last?

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    In my 11 to 20 years, I became addicted to pornography. At the age of 17, I started my first NoFap attempts and I had constant progress. Several times I had a month without fap, but in the last 10 months I have masturbated too much with porn. I want to start recovering. I recently jerked off 4 times. My balls are small, my back and body ache. How can I recover faster and what do I need for this? Who has recovery experience? How long will it last?
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    Congratulations for keeping the fight alive. I would recommend you to see a doctor just to make sure your back pain is nothing serious. After that, start NoFap challenges again and try to have an active life. Do sports, play an instrument, sing, read, hangout with friends... Don't allow yourself to have free time on your hands.
    And if you're someone who believes in God, pray and be part of a church (I'm a Christian from at the Adventist Seventh Day Church and I recommend it). It will help you a lot.
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