How many addictions or compulsive behaviors

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    Hello all ,

    During the course of my 50 year life I have had multiple addictions or bad habits. The only one I have been able to conquer is drinking (quit 20 years ago). Currently I am addicted to Dominatrix's,femdom porn, gambling. I also have gone through periods of frequenting asian massage parlors. It can be very exhausting. Any one else have multiple issues.
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  2. Indurian

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    Junk food. Might not sound much but I've tried quiting eating unhealthy foods many times over the last few years. I've noticed that it is my other go-to stress reliever.

    I'm prioritising nofap just now though.

    It sounds like you have had a lot to deal with. Best of luck my friend.
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    I think professionals would recommend that you just work on 1 addiction or bad habit at a time.
    Conquer it (6 to 12 months).
    Then move on to the next concern.
    You successfully conquered drinking. What strategy did you apply? Use that as a template as you transition to
    more and more Success.

    With gambling … perhaps you could get the same 'high' or 'rush' by doing some other risky behavior?
    What about watching videos on sky diving...….. then perhaps doing jumps every 1 to 4 weeks (whatever works for you). This would give the 'rush' you enjoy. Also you can try: drag racing on a NHRA track..... auto crosses .... helicopter or plane flying lessons... martial arts … …. etc.
    Some activity related to your 'passion' or 'interest' would work great!
    You have many options to choose from :)

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    I had sugar addiction, gaming addiction, tv addiction, internet addiction.
  5. Tryinghardtoquit2

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    Mate at different points I have had gambling, impulsive, PMO, escort addiction and everything in between. Currently in the last year I have PMO'd 23 times so an average of one day a fortnight. I've significantly tidied up my life by addressing my mental health issues and taking ownership of them

    Life is better without it. You can do it mate

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