How many of you believe in Climate change?

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  1. Emileo Delcarme

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    Watched a show late last night on CNN about the great barrier reef in Australia.

    So basically climate change is affecting the water temperature. Which in turn causes coral reefs to bleach and die out. More than a 3rd of the world's coral reefs has died it bleached in the last century. This dying out of coral reefs has an effect on the ecosystems that it supports. Scientist are trying different methods to protect and increase the number of coral reefs.

    The way I see it is the way humanity is living. Greed and lust for material things is greatly effecting the natural habitat of different species. There was a study that was recently published about this currently being the 6th mass extinction we living in. And it's all because of us humans. Who knows how messed up this planet will be in the next 50 years.
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    They just lay these structures on the sea bed and the marine growth comes back again. This underwater dessert will become a reef in a very short perion of time. Ship wrecks work too...

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    Well, I am not an expert on the topic or even a scientist myself, so it would be wrong for me to claim I know the details. But is it not the scientific consensus that evolution is true and creationism is false? Let's talk about Young Earth Creationism specifically. That holds the view that the Earth is between 6,000 and 10,000 years old, whereas the scientific consensus is that the Earth is 4.543 billion years old.

    Just to clarify, are you saying that you believe in creationism and don't think evolution is true? Or are you merely stating that you are undecided because you consider the evidence to be inconclusive?
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    Off-topic comment.
    I'm not really into this, just heard about the climate change, but it kinda motivates me to make the most of my life as it might end sooner than I think.
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    Science has never been based on consensus. And there have been many times when scientists have "settled" an issue only to be proven wrong. Science is only "settled" when the data and experiments settle it, and so far, the climate alarmists have far too much inconvenient data to contend with.

    I think God created the earth. I'm not a 'young earth' creationist. But I do believe there was an intelligent being who created everything in existence.

    I don't think evolution is true because there is nothing in our current understanding of biology that supports it. Now, if you're talking about microevolution, aka adapation, then sure ... if you put giraffes in an environment where the trees are a bit taller than normal, then over time, the taller giraffes who can reach the leaves will reproduce, and those who can't reach the leaves will die off, with their "shorter genes" dying off with them. But to suggest that simple proteins magically, over the course of millions and millions of years, evolved into human beings--well, there's just no science to support that.

    Plus, scientific truth isn't the only kind of truth. One of the biggest mistakes of the scientific community is to believe that science has the answer for everything. But philosophy still has a crucial place.

    Aside from origin, establishing a God (however you might understand that term) makes it far easier to embrace ideas like love, purpose, meaning, morality, and destiny. Science cannot give you those things, at least not in any significant way.
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    Oh please, no. We can fight together.

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    The Bible says there's the fountain of the deep with an infinite-like ressource of water. Also it's not a globe but a closed system I believe. Anyway
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    I believe GW is real, and it is partly caused by Human activity. Some of it is caused by astronomical events, though.

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