How many orgasms-per-day were you at at your deepest point of addiction?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Alexander, Apr 30, 2019.

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    Orgasms are good, we get that. Research suggests that a healthy level of ejaculation can even reduce prostate cancer risks in middle-aged men. But many of these sexual health bloggers ignore the "there can be too much of a good thing" concept.

    They seem to say that orgasming around once per day is "frequent." But as somebody who used to be very deep into the addiction, that's a completely amateur number.

    I used to go 4-6 orgasms per day easy on an average day, sometimes many more, until the point that nothing came out during "ejaculation." My record is around 14 times in one day, meaning that I would orgasm once per hour or so, all day long. Would go between playing computer games and masturbating, back and forth, all day, for 16 hours. Some days I wouldn't game and would just masturbate all day.

    Is that really healthy? Of course it isn't.

    How many orgasms per day were you at during the peak of your addiction?
  2. 4.
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  3. Flyhigh

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    Max was like 5-6.
  4. Jen@8675309

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  6. Reborn_

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    Just two.
    After waking up and before going to bed.
    I lived (and still live) with my parents so wanking during the day was never too big of an issue.
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    PMO? Probably 4. Regular sex was 5 - 6 in a day, but a very different experience.
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    Before I realized I had a problem, I easily orgasmed like 7-8 times every day. I used to play video games after school all day. Whenever I got bored of playing, I switched to porn. This continued basically all day. Sometimes - especially on weekends - I jerked off like 13-14 times a day. Pretty insane.

    Since I try to quit porn, I'm currently down to masturbating twice a week (due to relapses).
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    Two Os daily for 20 days.Every day. That was shocking even for me! The most - 5 Os for day
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    I would say 3-5 a day was typical. There were times when I only did two a day. There were also times when I did 6-8 a day. It made me physically ill when I would get to the higher numbers, but I kept going back to the well of porn anyway. That convinced me I had a problem.
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    No, no and no. Please stop repeating that, it is FALSE. You are the NoFap representative and you have to be much more informed than that, people look up to what you're saying and take it for granted.

    The "research" showed that ejaculation may help protect against cancer, but the study did not DIFFERENTIATE between ejaculation from sex and ejaculation from masturbation. It simply assumed they are the same when THEY ARE NOT, like this study clearly shows :

    There is also the huge (6k sample size) study on Catholic priests (celibates) and prostate cancer :

    That found that

    These two studies show that the study you and many others refer to is FALSE.

    There is ZERO proof that masturbation is healthy.

    That being said, in my peak I probably masturbated 8-9 times in one day. What i consider even more damaging is that I used to edge for multiple hours, the max I did was 7 hours straight edging to porn and a sex game. I literally did nothing else, no eating, no toilet, nothing. 7 hours straight of edging. 9 PM to 4 AM.
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  13. need4realchg

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    7. Real sex is about half
  14. I would masturbate on average 7 times a day. Probably over 10 at my worst
  15. Dr.LoveLength

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  16. hardowner

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    I really don't remember at all. Sometimes zero, sometimes I lost track. Seemingly countless...
  17. Cornixico

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    3 or 4, but usually it was twice a day. I did however once challenge myself to fap as much as I could in one day. I got to 7 but, it was tough and I really didn't enjoy the seventh time.
  18. Jen@8675309

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    I don't have balls.

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