How much am I hurting my progress?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by DC803, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. DC803

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    I am on day 4 currently. But I'm having issues where I like subconsciously start M'ing and then realize it and stop. I haven't O'd or watched P (besides once but nipped it in the butt). Sometimes I'll get pretty close before I stop but usually catch it before that. It's just like it's so engrained in me and I dont have a lot going on so it just seems to happen. It just feels like my hands surgically attached. It happens probably a good 5 to 10 times a day.

    So my questions are 1. How much is this hurting my progress in rebooting? And 2. For anyone else who had a similar issue when first quitting, when did this start to become easier to manage?
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  2. SandsOfTime

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    As the no P days are is increasing, then sensitivity also increase. It mean a small romatic photo also enough to make penis strong for a long time. If you are married then you will be in safe zone. If you are single then there is a chance to return to the porn and all these much no P progress will be nullified. So be strong to commit your goal. If you relapse, then stand again and again.
  3. DC803

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    As soon as I realise what I'm doing I stop I have my eyes on the prize but it's like I do it without thinking just M. To thoughts I'm having. As long as I can keep nipping it in the butt before watching P or Oing am I still making progress?
  4. YeetBoi21

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    I think any small improvement regardless is progress
  5. Praksh

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    This is called edging. If you are strictly abstaining from PMO, consider this as relapse. Masturbating and edging leads to increase in urges and subsequently lead you to ejaculate within a short period ( within few hours or within few days)
  6. SandsOfTime

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    If you are abstaining from porn for 1 day, it's also consider as your making some progress. As much as you are abstaining from porn, your brain will constantly ask you for the P or M pleasures. If you not give up for months/years then fianlly your brain will realised the truth and uncheck the porn pleasures from it's list and trying to search for other pleasures. So search for some other good pleasure before it trap you in some other bad filth.
    In this journey, occasionally, if you do M, it's okay don't get hard on yourself, forgive it. It's won't impact on your progress.
  7. countitjoy5

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    You just need to keep making the decision to not do it and it will become easier. If you allow it consciously you are sabotaging your progress. Stay busy, work hard, exhaust yourself - when you find yourself doing it tell yourself, no. It's a choice.
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