How much caffeine do you drink and do you consider your consumption level healthy?

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  1. Alexander

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    I never drank coffee until the age of 23ish. Then started with mochas and quickly escalated to lattes.

    Soon after when I worked as a contractor on-site at Google, I had access to many of Google's perks such as their cafeterias and a free coffee shop just like a regular coffee shop but you don't pay. That's where the caffeine habit really started. Took a few breaks but it's hard to stick to because some major thing happens where I don't get enough sleep and I need to be alert for something, like a speaking thing or filming.

    Currently at about one coffee drink + one can of Red Bull per day. I don't like feeling reliant on a substance to get through the day so I'd like to cut it down to one drink per day.

    How much caffeine do you take, how do you take it, and what are your caffeine-related goals? Just curious.

    I don't demonize it. I'd rather be addicted to caffeine than many other things, it's certainly the lesser of evils. And I'll sacrifice that to have a productive day.
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  2. Castielle

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    I don't like coffee, but I know I drink way too much soda. Ideally I think an okay goal would be one can a day, but usually I'm at more like 2 or sometimes 3. I don't think it's terrible, and I certainly eat healthier than a lot of people I know, but I don't think it's the best.

    I mean ideally I wouldn't be drinking soda at all, but I don't want to give it up. So one a day would be my ideal goal. But right now I'm kind of settling for 2.
  3. hardowner

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    I don't drink much. To be honest, it doesn't wake me up. I can sleep after a bucket of coffee and shake during my sleep. Consequently, I don't depend on it and I drink only when I go out.

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  4. My Best self

    My Best self Fapstronaut

    I drink a lot generally through tea
  5. My Best self

    My Best self Fapstronaut

  6. Tao Jones

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    I drink 4-5 cups of coffee every morning. Just black. I switch to seltzer after noon, otherwise the caffeine interferes with my sleep at night.

    I love a good morning coffee!
  7. BravelyKegger

    BravelyKegger Fapstronaut

    The only caffeine i get is through my daily green tea.
  8. Last time I drank coffee I had a terrible headache and stomach ace and felt like my body temp was raised a few degrees. It was a caramel frappuccino whatever from Starbucks. I don't plan on drinking much coffee again.
  9. Personally i think thats a fairly small amount compared to a lot of people i know, but i can see what you mean about not wanting to be dependant. I actually quit for awhile becasue of that same thing. I now drink one large coffee in the morning and usually one or two pops (sodas for some) throughtout the day and if i want more coffee i drink decaf. I feel like my relationship with caffine is heathy right now and i don't feel like i 'need' it at all, in fact i'd drink decaf in the morning too if i didnt like the taste of regular better.
  10. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    3-4 glasses of tea per day
    It's been a while since I took coffee
  11. PaulaF196

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    A regular mug in the morning and a quarter (to half) mug in the afternoon. I limit coffee in the afternoon, since it takes time to wear off in the evening. I also feel some side effects like twitching in the eye lids.
  12. Marcelo48

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    One expresso at morning (free from work :D), and nothing else. More coffee than that would be too much and would interfere with sleep.
    In an ideal world I would not drink coffee, but it has been hard for me to sleep lately.
  13. IGY

    IGY Fapstronaut

    Two mugs daily, which is okay I reckon. It is just instant coffee I make at home.
  14. vulture175

    vulture175 Fapstronaut

    Black coffee gives me the best effects. I once took 2 cups in the morning then passed out after that lol
  15. Nanni

    Nanni Fapstronaut

    I guess everything depends on the kind of coffee you drink. In Italy, for example, we have a different coffee, and we drink it in little cups, because it's more concentrated.
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  16. SolitaryScribe

    SolitaryScribe Fapstronaut

    I took an energy drink and a coffee yesterday, I couldn't sleep all night. Never again.
  17. Coffee Candy

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    i started drinking coffee when i was 21 or 22..just a mug every so often and then it turned to a mug a day..and then two mugs..sometimes then i went back to 1 mug..and then i stopped cold i just drink a mug every few days with consequences..but its worth it :+)

    without coffee i feel sluggish...unmotivated..its icky..but it feels better after a few skin looks better without coffee i realized..but ya, i cant tell the difference too much since i have some disorders like plays into things..
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  18. u376

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    You should drink more coffee
    Because it justifies your previous username
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  19. Coffee Candy

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    i do nott knowwwww what you are talking about ; )
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  20. Sawako Kuronuma

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    My Journal
    I love tea more than coffee for sure, but when I worked construction me mate would buy me a 20 oz or so coffee once a day. I worked six days a week and usually 12 hours a day so I also brought my own thermos with coffee in it as well, that amounts to two big coffees a day.

    I don’t know what that translates to in caffeine amounts, but I just know it was hard to get up in the morning and became one of those people who were miserable without it during the day. I realised I had a problem when I ran out one day and had severe headaches, irritably, and was being an arsehole to others, but in my mind I “needed” it to cope with the stress and long hours at work.

    I dumped it cold turkey for about and a year and suffered through months of withdrawals and pain, but got through it and glad I did. I have coffee here and there as I do like it but am no longer addicted to the stuff, only thing is I found I have to be careful on the amount as it raises my anxiety pretty high even in small amounts.

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