How much for ED recovery would you give me?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Coub, Feb 18, 2022.

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    with my nofap journey I want to cure both addiction and ED. Both of them are essential for me. I do understand that length of curation depends individually. How long would you give me to recover? My profile:
    M27, virgin, 15y of addiction.
    What is really important in my example is that I always masturbated in unique way, through tightening thighs, what allowed me to PMO without erection! This might be important factor which might prolong process...
    Since I'm virgin I don't want to experience ED during my first approach to woman. This would've been a disaster and trauma for rest of my life. When should I give it a try in your opinion? 100, 200 days?
    Nowadays I rarely have morning woods, which are like 40% of capability.
    Opinion from people who recovered PE would be awesome.
  2. Daxos

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    It is very hard to determine how many days. We are missing a lot of factors still. I once made a list of things that I regard as direct factors and vectors in recovering from PIED, and the list was about 20 items or so. For example, someone who exercises regularly and strongly, will most definitely half his recovery time in comparison with someone that does not exercise at all. Other things are the quality of sleep you get, the loyalty to the challenge, your mental activity and engagement during NoFap and much more.

    But from what I do know about you, from this post, is that you have had no sexual experience with women yet. This might mean that your recovery will be a little bit longer than others, as many people that have had sexual contact in the past find their erections coming back earlier than those who have not had that. You are also 27 and already addicted for 15 years. This means that the addiction is strong in your brain. The pathway is cemented and will take time to take down. Your masturbation habits play a bit less of a role, honestly. Unless your habit was edging a lot and therefore using porn for multiple hours per session. Anything over 30 minutes per session as a mean to all encounters, I would classify as destructive habit that will make your recovery time longer.

    If you fully commit to the challenge and don't use substitutes like Instagram, looking up pictures, going on dating apps and what not, while also refraining from fantasizing and responding to triggers, I would estimate a healthy return to normal erections by about day 80 or something. You will probably see changes and improvements coming from about day 20-30 onward, but they will fade and come back again probably. Some days there is just nothing, some days you get good morning wood out of nowhere. This is normal and don't try to plot a graph in any way of where you are during the reboot. It is not a linear progression at all.

    But the thing is, I have no idea about your genetics, how prone you are to addiction, and how faithful you will be to NoFap. Most guys that see little improvement are the guys that only commit for like 50% to NoFap. They still, for example, browse instagram models all day but think they are rebooting just becuase they don't go to xxx sites. Those guys never understood the problem. The problem is you looking up sexual material instead of finding real sexual interactions, and thus training your brain to disregard the real deal, and get super excited about the digital deal (until, of course, you 'overdose' on the extremes and get desensitized even to porn and stuff.)

    So what it all comes down to is how well you will adapt to NoFap. The guys that have most progress and the shortest recovery time, are the guys that use the 90 day Hard Mode challenge to do by at least a minimum of the following things:
    • exercise regularly
    • learn new things like reading books or studying something or whatever (this is for neurogenesis)
    • never fantasize
    • never touch their tool with the only exception of bathroom related needs
    • do meditation in any way or form like classical meditation or just mindfulness
    • stay occupied and make sure they are not finding time to think or respond to triggers
    • learn to let go

    Regarding when you should engage in sexual activity, I myself used the following rules:
    • Any touch, thought or notification of romanticism is prohibited for the first 30 days (to really calm down for a change and to experience this side of the coin to calm down a bit)
    • intercourse is not allowed until day 60
    • orgasm is not allowed until day 90 (preferably day 120)
    • fooling around like making out and just cuddling is fine by day 30
    • dating apps are only allowed after day 100 (dating apps will give you the same triggers and cues as PMO as it is pretty much the exact same concept except on a smaller dose and scale)

    All of this is my view and understanding of being a part of this community since 2017.
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    ED took just 1 week of no PMO to go
    But the Boner was not lasting too long

    Only a full 2years of no PMO can recover you fully
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    Thank you Daxos for long reply!!!
    My addiction was kinda different. I just did a quick 5-10m "sessions" and that's it. I was never "travelling". It was mostly same, straight P.
    I don't have any social media(dsiabled) and never used dating apps. The only women I watch are those in music clips but most music clips are disabled(safesearch) on yt. I think it's a different thing than anything related to P from my perspective, correct me if I'm wrong. When I see beautiful woman in those clips for example or on street or whatever I started(since I'm on NoFap) to just enjoy the view, I kinda want to smile, I like it. Nothing else. Is it learning the proper way or would you recommend to forfeit it too?
    It's a thing I can't guarantee. So far no fantasise, no cheating, no social media, no touching or anything. I've strong blocking system, my phone is completely blocked. Does jogging count for exercising? :p I'm regulary jogging.
    80-90 days is super short for me. I was prepared for worse. Thank you for giving me a huuuuuge hope for recovery! I'm really happy.
    that's quite long time :(
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    @Daxos already nailed it but this is also a pretty accurate guideline in my experience:

  6. Coub

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    I'm sorry my safesearch restricted that video, could you please describe summary of it?
  7. Daxos

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    That is also a good sign. Guys that had just small and quick sessions tend to recover much faster. Your exposure to PMO was smaller. You can compare it with radiation if you will.

    It's good that you are not engaged in social media. Social media is bad for mental health and bad for the reboot. If I were you, I would also refrain from looking at music clips, mainly because everything these days is oversexualized. Train your brain to only respond to seeing real women in the real world. But, do not stare at women or fantasize about them when you see them in public. You need to train your brain to see them as normal human beings. But it is a good sign if you can smile and be happy about and for the women you see and meet in the real world. There is nothing wrong with wanting women. Just make sure you always remain in control over your thoughts, behaviors and pattersn.

    Don't worry, a perfect reboot is impossible, not to say extremely hard. Jogging is absolutely perfect. Cardiovascular exercise is the best thing you can do in a reboot. It always sped up my reboot unimaginably. Running is very good for you.

    A 90 day reboot will probably do you good. It is hard to predict when you will be fully recovered, but it sounds to me like you should see massive improvements already before day 90. Just make sure you stay faithful to NoFap and that you never substitute the addiction with something else like browsing Instagram (this is just an example, I know you won't do that). Most guys that see little improvement are the guys who are not really rebooting, but just staying away from pornsites, while still exposing themselves to sexual material in another way or form.

    Happy to help you out brother. Be safe and be strong
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