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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by embarassedguest, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. embarassedguest

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    Personally, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with M. I'm sure most of us feel like it's a normal part of life if you're single,or are trying to avoid intercourse for whatever reason.

    I want to say that I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with P, or PMO on occasion. But I'm sure we can all agree that there IS something very wrong with spending ~12 hours a day browsing, collecting, and PMO'ing. There's something very wrong with unknowingly giving days, weeks, months, or even years of your life to PMO'ing and the things associated with it when you could've better used that time to be productive.

    But I'm not really sure what my views towards P are... I feel like I'm telling myself that occasional PMO is ok so that after my goal is reached I'll go back to PMO with the intention of it unconsciously being every once in a while, but that I'll fall into my old habits.

    Can I ask what you, my fellow P addicts, did after you reached your goal? Did you find yourself not missing it at all? Did you find yourself able to PMO in healthy moderation? Did you try going back in moderation but fall into excessive habits again?

    Also, I'm noticing that I'm easily avoiding P without making a conscious effort to do so, but avoiding MO is pretty hard. 17 hours in I had to MO (the morning, and facebook are MASSIVE triggers)...
    Anyone else here trying to avoid P but not MO? If so, to what extent are you allowing MO?

    If there is such a thing as a moderate/healthy amount of P or MO or even PMO... what is it? :confused:

    If you have any other tips on getting through NoFap - I'm all ears (er... eyes) :D
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    It kinda saddens me reading about "Facebook" being a trigger for so many people. It makes me think bad about the women there and their photos. I never had an account on that godforsaken site, but it must be disturbing!

    As for your questions... It depends on one's life priorities, aims and passions.

    There are people out there who don't drink vodka because they have tastier beverages to drink.
    There are people out there who don't use vulgar words because they know more efficient ways of expressing their thoughts.
    There are people out there who don't score every chick on a party because they know better ways of self-fulfilment and proving their masculinity.
    And finally - there are people who just don't fucking masturbate, because they find it a pathetic waste of their precious time on this planet.
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  3. no-one-is-immune

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    Hi There,

    As a start, I suggest you read this thread: .

    There is a lot of really good information on there. Especially the posts from William. You cannot slay this giant if you are planning to go back to it in the future. You are already planning to fail. You gotta give this thing up for good. That means no P ever again.

    For me, that also means no masturbation and no edging. Because porn is not just internet porn, but also porn in the head, i.e. memories of porn, fantasies, even "soft" hardcore like in movies.

    You have to start with an honest question, why am I giving this up and what are my goals. If you are already planning to go back, but with "more control", I have bad news for you. If you are here, then chances are you will never be able to control your usage.

    Give it up man, it's not worth it.
  4. stygian

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    You're addicted. Because you're addicted, you are rationalizing that it is okay because you don't really want to give it up. There is no healthy amount of PMO.
  5. russel3

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    Iv done a lot of research on this. The thing about porn and masturbation is that they can never be satisfied, they always demand more. If you already have been addicted you will easy become addicted again even if you stop for along time. Your body was made to not have to masturbate,you release excess sperm naturally if your single (wet dreams, drainage in pee). Another thing is it will be way harder to quit if you think one day you will go back. The last thing is if you ever get married the best thing is to have no porn at all(no looking at other women) so you have to practice that now, if you dont your asking for trouble. To answer the other question i havnt heard about anybody who has gone past 90 days and thinks they should go back to porn, and if they did they regreted it. Its definitely not worth it!
    Good luck!
  6. embarassedguest

    embarassedguest Fapstronaut

    Damn it :mad: I just relapsed. 2 days and 21 hours with no P (and thusly PMO) and about a day with no MO :(

    This sucks because I honestly didn't even think or plan to. It just happened. Then once the P happened it allowed me to justify the MO and just go with it :(

    Thanks for the replies guys! and the link to williams thread. that'll really help me - looks like a great thread for me
  7. BuzzAldrinFapstronaut

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    I actually happen to agree with you that PMO aren't inherently unhealthy. There have been loads of studies that link occasional masturbation to certain health benefits, and I suspect that having the urge to masturbate every now and again is normal. However, I would also say that once it is no longer within your control, that it becomes a problem. Because at that point, its the habit controlling you, and dictating your lifestyle. And, as another user mentioned, the habit cannot be satisfied, and can end up controlling/ruining other parts of your life that you never intended. Everything in moderation.
  8. zavenwycliffe

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    You couldn't have said it truer, especially with the last sentence. Go hard or go home. Screw "everything in moderation." Be an extremist. Be phenomenal. Don't waste any one of the seconds that you own on this planet on masturbating or watching porn. Go get some in real life, and make things happen.

    I went 66 days before I relapsed, and I didn't miss my fake girlfriends I used to visit every day on my screen. And I couldn't care less about their lives, because I had mine. And mine was better.
  9. no-one-is-immune

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    You will be stronger next time, just keep posting, keep coming back. At some point you will make the decision William did and it will be the last time. But until then, dont give up!

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