How much money in your bank account?

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  1. Hi Guys,

    My answer to that question in almost nothing! My 9yr old son asked me that last week and though I would have £100k plus in my account. On my reply he said well there is definitely at least £10k isn't there? I told him not to worry about money but inside had that sinking feeling knowing that I would be lucky if there was £1k in my account at any given moment.
    I am almost 40 and have about £7k of credit card debt. I make around £2.5k take home pay monthly which is probably more than average here in N. Ireland. My wife is on a similar wage and we are not at all extravagant and yet every month we are broke. This month I almost had to withdraw money with my credit card to subsidise our joint account in the last few days of the month and this may happen a number of months through the year. Its really getting me down :(

    What about you guys?
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    But why? Is there any hidden costs?
  3. childcare, mortgage, car payments and living costs mainly
  4. Same here, i got like 20 bucks in the bank and i make pretty good money. I do remodel construction and im fast at it so i make anywhere from 1-2 k per week (with some dead weeks in between), but i spend it as fast as i make it.
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  5. Man that's crazy, are you married with kids or just young and spend recklessly?
  6. The second one, im 25 and unmarried. I know its not the healthiest choice, but ive never been very disciplined. My parents are the same way, so i guess i sort inherited it.
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    I have low debt, low pay, an insurance plan and savings for the next 6 months at least. (Means I can quit my job and loaf for the next 6 months.... in theory anyway)
  8. I am jealous - very jealous...
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    Dude I saved like a squirrel and I got zero credit card debt. Its paid off EVERY MONTH.
  10. How much in your bank account guys if you don't mind me asking?
  11. I went through Dave Ramsey's financial peace university and was able to reduce my debt to just a mortgage and a car payment (which should get paid off next year). I only have a small cash buffer though of $1200. My wife doesn't work. The thing about the US is that a medical issue could put you on the streets even with a ton of savings and good insurance. : ( I couldn't pay a full deductible or and out of pocket maximum without help or a loan. So while I'm not carrying tons of debt I'm far from safe. Thank God we are all pretty healthy. It does help that my wife qualifies for Indian Health Services because she is a tribal member, but my son and I dont.
  12. That health thing is crazy in the US. I phone my doctors this morning at 8.30am, got an appt 10.10am and was given a prescription for antibiotics which I picked up from the chemist. All of this is free!! Didn't Obama try to addrees this and was over ruled? If so, why?
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  13. I should add that i have like zero debt though. I have no credit card bills, i buy my vehicles used so i have no car payment, i didnt go to college so i have no college loan and im renting to own my house from a family friend with no interest. So that definitely helps.
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  14. I have more then 10.000 Euro on my bank account. My gf (soon wife) and I want to move into a house in the next 5 years and therefore we want to safe about 1000-1500 Euro per month to get a nice credit for the house :)
  15. Well done Daniel, good for you.

    Sometimes I think my situation is another thing that adds to the pressure which eventually leads to me jerking off just to relieve stress
  16. Good chance. Stress is a major cause of pmoing.
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    Not overflowing with money, sadly. Living here is expensive.

    From what I hear of Obamacare, not only did it NOT fix the core reason that US healthcare is expensive (crazy monopolies on medical tools and pharmaceuticals), but it forced more people into a broken system even if they couldn’t afford it. And it was a wreck.

    Plus the fact that California, Massachusetts and New Jersey (the 3 states with the most Big Pharma companies in it) absolutely loved it, just shows how much of a scam it was. Big Pharma and it’s 15%+ profit margins needs to get dismantled before large-scale changes can come.
  18. Love Dave Ramsey! I haven't gone through his program, but I've watched his show a lot. I tried to read one of his books once, but I honestly feel like everything is just exactly what he says on the show, so it felt like a waste of time to repeat.

    I'm working on paying off debt as well. The only debt I have is a car payment and my mortgage, because I've always been pretty good with money and was taught to never use a credit card if you dont have the money to pay for something that day. I've got about 8,000 left on my car, I think, and then I'll be saving an emergency fund before tackling the mortgage. So I dont have a ton of money in my account right now. All the extra stuff is going toward the car, or wherever else God tells me to use it.
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  19. That's great! Yeah it's a ton of repeat. The only good part of the class is it makes you accountable and pumps you up to succeed. Plus his down home "preacher" style of public speaking is pleasant and entertaining. I always warn people about that though because that style can rub people the wrong way I think.
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