how much time it takes to rewire. the brain again??

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    I am 31 years .I have been watching porn from age of 17 and mastrubating on it 3 to 4 times a week as a result I am suffering from ED .I have been on nofapp from last 2 months and successfuly completed 60 days of no PMO but my Ed still persist.How much time a brain takes to rewire itself?? Plz can you guys help on this.
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    I know it's a terrible answer, but: It depends....

    Everyone I've read about has a different story and a different timeline. Some have taken a matter of weeks, some a matter of months, and some a matter of years. All depending on their individual brains, and their individual stories.

    My advice, not that I'm an expert, but I'd suggest you read as much as you can about Porn addiction, PIED, PMO, withdrawal, flatlining, rebooting/rewiring, etc.

    Start with, and

    This site (nofap) has some great information, and some inspiring success stories.

    Also, find something to replace the time. Meditate, exercise, go for walks in nature, learn a new instrument.

    And whatever you do, DO NOT PMO!

    Hang in there and keep going! You're doing great so far!

    Good luck!
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  4. In those times, don’t watch P or use P substitutes!! Recovery, can’t say since everyone is different, from case to case and from body abilities to body abilities!

    I don’t know a definite answer neither but keep going, you’ll get there eventually, many have!
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    There is a lot of variation, so be patient. It's also worth doing a checklist to make sure you're doing all the right stuff, e.g. psubs and the like. Even fantasizing about porn is a problem, as you're reinforcing the neural pathways in your brain that says porn=sex. Those never go away, but they do atrophy.
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  6. Everyone above is correct, definitely no single answer. However, I did watch a video that said 4-5 months for people who have had access to high speed porn.
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    I'm 32, and was also watching porn since 17 about 4 -5 times a week. I've been rebooting for nearly 4.5 months now. I have seen improvements every month - but only very slight. Only just been recently able to have sex again. The sex is not very good, not as good as when I was watching porn. I didn't have ED with women, but I got ED after quitting porn (flatline).
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