How much time should you put to find a chick?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by GA93JDeereboy, Dec 21, 2019.

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    How long should it take to get laid if you actively seek her like going out to stores or places and trying to chat up a few ladies. Like I'm just tired of not getting there in life and wanted to hear from people who have done it. Not trying to trigger anyone or anything but for guys who been single always it sucks.
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    Not a big cold approach guy but if you go online it doesn’t take long to message 20 women. Usually 2 or 3 of them will want to meet up with you and maybe one of those will sleep with you. Takes a lot of work to get good pics on the front end but after that you’re practically on autopilot.
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    Just relax dude!!!! Don't let finding a girlfriend become an obsession. You'll meet someone but take your sweet time doing it. I recommend staying away from dating apps unless they are paid for...paid for programs work great if you're very patient. I also recommend not worrying about sex with someone you take on a date for a while. Take your time...develop a real relationship first. SET YOUR STANDARDS HIGH AND DON'T COMPROMISE ON THEM. Above like an adult. That means calling...not text conversations. That means being serious about a real relationship and don't just try to get laid. Guys and girls both develop deep feelings around sex...its better to develop an actual relationship before you climb into bed. Do not be the guy who gets obsessive about a girl he just met and blows up her phone. R.e.l.a.x when you find someone because I can assure you that an opportunity will come up.

    Communicate things early when you do meet someone. I gave it about a month and a half and I spilled the beans (not completely) about my PMO addiction with my now fiance. I told her that I preferred to wait a little while before we had sex, and I told her that in the past I'd had some problems with porn which caused some performance problems I was embarrassed about. She took it as a sign that I really trusted her and it made her trust me far more. It also allowed me to relax when I finally did get her in bed.

    Don't overthink dating. Enjoy being single and make other things central to your life. If your number one trait is constantly worrying about finding someone to hook up with then all you're offering that person in potential relationship is the fact finding a sex partner is the most important thing in your life. You won't find anyone right away...I promise you that. If you're worrying about it'll relapse when your frustration builds and builds.
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