How much time you get when visiting a doctor?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Hadrian3, Nov 23, 2021.

  1. Hadrian3

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    I have been having a bad eye sore for months. I visited some doctors and they said it's nothing important. But it only has been getting worse.

    The problem is, in my country, Iran, you don't get much time to talk to the doctor. It is done very quickly. Just asking a few questions and they decide what to do. How is it in your country? How much time do you get when you visit a doctor? Is it enough or not?
    Am I right to consider this a problem or not?
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  2. PegasusKid

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    I'm not sure how things work there, but here you generally get as much time as you need with the doctor as long as its not like a whole hour or something which is rare. My doctors don't really try to rush me out the door and are always open to me asking questions and such.
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  3. modern milarepa

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    In this case describe you had this problem for months and you did several treatments from general doctors without improvement. Say the treatments and ask the doctor politely to send you to an ophtalmologist
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  4. IGY

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    In England the appointment are made for 10 minutes. But because of the complex nature of the medical problems I have, he gives me 25/30 minutes.
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  5. Grovald

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    Here it depends.
    Public or private health system?
    Public sucks, we are tossing a coin and hoping it fall on the right side to get someone that actually just do the job properly, besides the months of waiting depending on the availability of the specialist.
    Private, you are tossing a coin, your wallet, your whole savings, even the pants and maybe you have to sell something to pay for the exams if needed, but you gonna get the shit done, in the same week, generally. But can get scammed along the process too.
    Welcome to Brazilian Healthcare Systems.
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  6. Hadrian3

    Hadrian3 Fapstronaut

    They were ophthalmologists. The last time, I visited a private eye hospital (probably one of the bests in the country). They seemed to do much in examining my eyes and evaluating my eyes' health. But they were like: "it's nothing important. Your eyes get dry because it's hot these days and you should use artificial eye tears. And you should have less screen time... "
    I thought they were correct. It got better but the actual problem never went away. And it got really bad since several days ago.

    I was crying to them, I have problems. But they just ignored me. It was crowded in the doctor's room and he just devalued my concerns and dismissed what I was saying.
  7. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    They are right if several ophtalmologists saw you even one they already saw your eyes and found nothing serious. You have an allergy to the sun. If artificial eye tears were not enough you need to add sunglasses with uv protection and antiallergic eye drops to your eye care.

    Also ocassionaly you'll get eye infections because your eyes are more sensitive so you'll need to use eye antibiotics whe this happens.

    Probably the next ophtalmologist will add all this to your treatment.

    If not ask for antiallergic eye drops because avoiding sun and heat, very cold weather cn cause it too. it's not enough and if the doctor can describe you antibiotics for when you develop infections.

    Also buy some good sunglasses with uv protection they help a lot.

    Atopic eyes has no cure so no ophtalmologists will cure it. You just need to be careful with what triggers it and use sunglasses and eye drops when needed
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  8. modern milarepa

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    Also this is not a matter of time, it doesn't take too long for an ophtalmologist to see your eyes only a couple of minutes and that is it. But regular treatment is not enough for you, just tell the next ophtalmologist of your allergy that eye tear drops has not been enough and you develop infections ocassionaly if that is the case.
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  9. DukeNukem

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    Just enough time to say I got balls of steel
  10. fredisthebes

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    10 minutes here in the UK (NHS). It varies and there are pros and cons to having a doctor that takes their time (appts always run late so you will be hanging around the waiting room longer).
    With such a limited time it's a good idea to google your symptoms and go along with an idea of what you might have and what treatment you might be after (drugs, referral, other treatment, therapy etc), even if you get it wrong (they are the expert after all).
    There have been some improvements in cutting down the number of pointless appts, as so many GP appts are for recurring issues or asking for referral letters to specialists etc - this sort of thing is better done by phone or email. So freeing up GP time for the people who need a proper examination.
    Specialist doctors appointments are very leisurely - 30 mins or longer for a consultation alone - but you have to be referred by GP.
    Of course we hace private healthcare here too, but nobody much uses it for routine appointments.
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  11. Hadrian3

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    Thank you for your lengthy response. I just visited an ophthalmologist.
    She said you have infection and also dandruff. She advised to use a shampoo and then a Sterile Eye Ointment every night. Also another eye drop probably for allergy or infection (Loteprednol Etabonate 0.5 % Eye Drops). Plus the usual artificial eye drops. She didn't care much about the allergy thing or the sunlight, as I said I didn't go out much. You were very good at diagnosing me!

    She was good and I was able to share all of my concerns. I told her I'll come back sooner if your treatments wouldn't work. She also advised me to visit an Otorhinolaryngology doctor if her treatments wouldn't work.

    I also had to change my eyeglasses as the scores changed a bit. It'll probably help too. I bought an expensive one despite having not much money. Because I want to study and I can't! My favourite hobby is reading novels and I can't do it these days! I can but it'd disturb my eyes and the joy fades. It means a world to me and I look forward to gain this ability again. This also have led to much more pmo unfortunately. Because I haven't been able to enjoy reading. Will order a sunglass soon too.

    Thanks again.
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