How much you back on the track when you relapse?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by RamboErecto, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Hello, so yesterday i broke my 9 day streak, but im happy to say that i didnt relapsed more than once. Im a 30 y/o heavy user and i used to masturbate multiple times in a day.

    Also i used to masturbate multiple times after a relapse. So i learned a lot during that 9 days clean, i know im not free for the chaser affect, but im feeling ok by now and want all the benefits back.

    That is what bring me to make this thread. So if I went clean for 9 days, and relapsed once, i just back to the very start? i know theres a lot of power loss, i feel it, but also i feel a bit confortable and not a piece of shit like when i used heavy, just a couple of weeks ago.

    So yeah, wanted to ask that.

    Also, i relapsed because i was having this punctual recall about certain P stuff. I had that recall all day over 2 days, then i relapsed. I hold as much as i could, but i dont found any good strategy to keep what though away, then, when it just overwhelmed me i decided that was enough and that i will let happen the relapse.

    Im having another one just now, by the start of my new streak.

    But i dont want to get to that point again, what do you sugest?

    Thank you
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    - What did you do well?

    -What did you fail to do?

    -What are you going to do differently?

    -What is your punishment if you fail to meet your goal?

    Willpower alone isn't enough to beat this. You can't just want it, you have to make plans you have to make sacrifices and you have to suffer through the pain.

    Answer the questions above, move on, and dont repeat your mistakes. Your back at 0 and that can be used as fuel or used to bring you down, your choice.
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    Punishments can be effective if used correctly. DM me if you want more information.
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