How much you hate your boss?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Vijay5610, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Vijay5610

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    How much you hate your boss and office politics?
  2. My boss is pretty cool. I was invited to his 4th of July party like 2 weeks after getting hired. Tried some some of his weird pepper infused vodka that made me gag. Good times.
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    It's a very unhealthy way for your mind to hate someone. It brings your mind into a negative mindset. Maybe its possible to think and perform actions in how to make your relationship with your boss more positive. You only harm yourself with keeping this mindset up ^
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  4. valetudo

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    I hate every boss. Thats why i don't work for last 10 years
  5. Vijay5610

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    Those saying they dont hate their boss are lucky
  6. Vijay5610

    Vijay5610 Fapstronaut

    Do u have experiences with bosses bro?
  7. My boss now is cool. But before I had an asshole as a boss. Not that I hate him, but his attitude sucks. How can you feel positive about someone who can't talk without using russian swearwords? Seriously! They already sound rough, and when he's yelling at you and all his 4 angry eyes stare at you just cause you were at the job 6 minutes late. Seriously... Without me job could still happen, I was low rank motherfucker. So how come me being late can cause something not to happen in the whole factory chain?
    Well, even if we forget it. Yes, it was my fault for being late, but there is millions of ways to tell me it. When somebody is mad at me like that, most likely I'm gonna piss them off even more. No way I'm just gonna be a dog and listen. I will piss the guy off more and more, which I tried to do, but he wasn't there so often, so it was hard and I just gave up.

    But yeah... I understand his anger at some point, but that anger can be displayed differentely, not like yelling at me, using sweardwords that he doesn't even know meaning to it seems.
  8. koolpal

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    Office politics sucks.
  9. I run my own business. My boss is a total *****.
  10. Just kidding. That's just my favorite joke to make when people are complaining about bosses. Lol I don't hate myself :p

    Some of my clients can be a bit of a handful though. Like the other day, just hours before we were supposed to clean for this lady, she called and said she was firing us and going with someone else who could clean weekly (we were doing every other week), and her new lady would show up tomorrow. I was baffled, because we could totally do her house weekly if she had made it clear that was important to her. I told her that, and she said (with a major tone) that she asked me several times if we could do weekly, and I said no. Which is just not true. I think she might have asked me, very casually, once or twice, when we very first started working for her, but she did NOT make it clear that it was so important to her that she would be looking for someone else and firing us. If I had known it was that important, I would have made an effort to squeeze her in weekly. We also just lost a couple clients)one moved, one couldn't pay for it anymore), so we have more room in our schedule now for a weekly client. But she just didn't communicate that need well at all, and then acted like we were super inflexible or something, and didn't even tell us she was looking for someone else until a couple hours before we were supposed to be at her house. It was ridiculous.

    I have many more, even worse stories as well. Clients can be annoying, but at the end of the day, since I am my own boss, I can decide if they are worth making an effort to appease, or if I'm okay with them just letting me go and finding a new housekeeper. There are some clients I would move mountains to keep happy, and some I would say "eh, it would be a huge pain to change that just to make them a little bit happier, and they're not very nice to work with, so I don't really mind if they fire me."
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  11. My boss is not bad. She knows I will get things done and I can pretty much do what I want. Now I question her management abilities and common sense at times where it feels like I’m the one doing the managing but it’s all good.

    It sucks having a jerk for a boss. One at my last job was like that and also just didn’t want to deal with anything and we got into it a few times. That, but it makes me appreciate things much more now. Now he’s stuck in the same crappy place and I have moved on and make more than he does.

    Office politics sucks, so I just keep to myself. You’re always going to have butt kissers and credit hogs. I’ve learned to deal with it over the years.
  12. onceaking

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    So am I and sometimes I hate myself.

    I was listening to psychologist Julia Shaw and she said the average employee fantasises about killing their boss. And yes, sometimes I fantasise about killing myself.
  13. I don't blame you sometimes that idea also goes through my head.
  14. Poseidon

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    I have a couple bosses but my immediate supervisor is pretty lame. The rest are cool.
  15. ????? I hope this was in jest ‘cause I got a good laugh out of it. Hate to think you off’d yourself today because you told yourself that you need to work this Thanksgiving AND the day after.
  16. I have had bosses I hated. But with each one I have to admit I learned from them.

    When I got out of the Navy my first aviation job was on private planes and my boss was an A-hole. If a worker messed up he wouldn’t hold back with his language. He once asked me, “Are you done being stupid?”

    But I had to admit that this guy knew his stuff. I did learn from him.

    Also he wasn’t a racist and gave everyone equal treatment, meaning if he was in a good mood he’d treat everyone nice, if he was in a bad mood he treated everyone like crap. I mentioned this because a real racist did hire on and was treating me like I was a worthless piece of trash. My co-workers were telling me about all the anti-black things he was saying about me. When his true colors came out, this boss fired him. I appreciated that.

    The boss could have let me go. Fact is the racist guy was the more knowledgeable but he was arrogant and would always argue with the boss along with all the name calling about me that he did behind my back.

    This boss also helped me develop a tougher character and not be a wussy. Fact is he was right many times about me having my head up my rear end and I needed to do better. He just wasn’t tactful and that’s just how some people are.

    I worked with him for about a year then in 1992 I joined the airline I’m with now.

    For about 15 months when I began I had to work with another A-hole, this guy was even worse. He was part of the “Good Ol’ Boy Club” that used to exist within airlines and he was untouchable. One of his long time buddies was the hangar manager. This guy I had to work under was a racist, sexually harassed women, and showed partiality.

    I learned a lot of patience with this guy. There was literally nothing I could do about his behavior. He knew people all through the company.

    I learned how to pay attention to detail. Most important, I learned empathy. During a rare moment of transparency he shared a tiny bit of his past and I could see he was nothing more than a hurt child that never grew up. I felt sorry for him. I would not be surprised if he’s another one who dies alone. He’d be almost 90 if he’s still alive. If the good die young that guy might live to be 120.
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  17. My boss is okay. I do hate the politics though.
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    As a yardman/junk removal guy running my own business I don't exactly have a boss, but I can definitely say that some clients are easier than others.
    The worst kind of people are the ones ask if you can come over to do x or y about 5 minutes before they want you to come. When you tell them you already have a job somewhere else and can't be there in 5 mins, they get pissed like its your fault for not being available.
    The other worst kind are the indecisive ones, who keep changing their minds about what exactly they want done, halfway through your first job.
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