How nofap changed and affected my life

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    Hey everyone, I am 18 years old university student and I heard about nofap quite a while back. First of all I want to welcome everyone and say hello to you folks :) I am currently at 17 days of no fapping and no watching porn, but currently at the moment, I have really strong urges :( I even went to the shop to public but the only thing I could think of was that I can not masturbate and I have to hold on but the urges somehow didnt passed. I was even edging a while back, but I realised it doesnt make any sense. I overcomed it thankfully and now I feel awesome.
    The thing is how this nofap stuff affected my life. For a few years, I was feeling really depressed, anxious, not confident of myself, and I didn't know why. I even wanted to see psychologist. I was seriously messed up in the head - didn't wanted to talk to anyone, and thinking that I look ugly, even though my girl classmates were always telling me to try out modelling, that I look great.
    During the holiday, I somehow found this site and saw all these people talking about their great achievements and improvements - and I could so much relate with all these problems they overcome - anxiety, depressions, no motivation, no socialization, etc...
    Since nofap, I made some great stuff and advancements - I made a driving license, spoke with people I did not know at all and made friends with them actually - which before nofap I could no way in hell do. Ffs I was even sometimes ashamed to talk with my friends - now it is a lot better, but I am still not 100% cool in this. The biggest thing I noticed is the motivation and will to do something. I used to do nothing all days long and just procrastinate, which is still something I have to fight with because it is a bad habit. But I am a lot better now than I used to. I used to feel very anxious in society, always felt like someone is watching me, like paranoia, that is gone (I hope). I am just at the day 17 and I already see great results, I am a lot more calm when with people I dont know and no more anxiety attacks.
    However, I kinda didn't follow the no PMO rules. I didn't masturbate for 17 days, yes, but I was edging and watching some porn too. The reason is that if I had resetted the whole no PMO counter, it would made me feel really demotivated - trust me, this is a huge step for me, I masturbated like 5 or 6 times in total in 3 months, which is a huge acomplishment for me - I used to fap several times a day. So I will just keep my counter for no masturbation at day 17 and no porn at day 5.
    The question is, is this thread just for introducing myself, or can I write something like a diary and progress? If not, please redirect me to the proper part of the forum or redirect my thread if needed. Sorry for any mistakes, not a native speaker here and also I am writing this through my mobile phone.
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    Glad to read you're enthusiastic :D

    One important thing here is you got a strong reason, your so called "adversity" is also your power. Focus on the improvement(s), a belief more things are possible and that you can do more is very strong. Do not underestimate this. It may very wel be the cause you succeeded this far and help you to succeed further.

    I don't know if it's ok to write your journal in the Newbies section, otherwise you can write in your age-group in the reboot-logs ->

    I suggest you avoid porn from now on.

    I wish you a lot of positive thoughts and a strong attitude.
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    Yes. Start writing a journal and let everyone know your progress. Your story is very motivating for new comers.
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    Thank you guys so much for positive words and help. It means a lot to me.
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