How NoFap changed my life!

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    Hey guys!
    So, this is my first actual post here, but I've been around for months, as a reader...

    I'm here to share my story with you, because NoFap really changed my life.
    It's probably gonna be a long post, sorry about that.

    I started masturbating around 12 years old, I think. At first it was all new and exciting, and quickly became a habit. Masturbating was a normal thing to me. For years, I did it almost daily, and usually while watching porn.

    Things started to change when I was 17 years old. I was still a virgin and orgasm without porn was getting difficult, taking longer each time. Sometimes it didn't happen at all. The solution I found was pretty stupid: "watch porn every time you masturbate". I still didn't understand the problem I had, because to me it was a normal thing. Everybody masturbates to porn. Right?

    As soon as I turned 18 years old, I got accepted to university (medicine), where I met this really cute girl. She lived alone in a small apartment, not too far away from my house. She was 2 years older than me, and she wasn't a virgin (I still was).

    We started going out and after a while, she started inviting me to her apartment, and things escalated more and more with each visit. One day, after a long time doing that, we decided to take the next step and had sex.

    Sex was pretty good. I was nervous as hell, but I got an erection just fine, and she enjoyed it (even asked me if I lied about being a virgin). Well, porn did help out with that, because I knew what to do most of the time. But porn didn't help with one thing: orgasm. I didn't even get close.

    We started to really like each other, so we kept going out and having sex. To an 18 year old me, it was a dream. I was having sex 2, sometimes 3 times a week. But still, there was a problem: no orgasm from me.

    After a while, I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she accepted, and everything was perfect in our relationship.
    The sex was awesome too: I never had any problems with E.D. (erectile dysfunction), and I could get her to orgasm just fine, but even after months, still no orgasm for me. I couldn't even get close. She started to think it was her fault, but deep inside, I knew what the problem was.

    I thought about not masturbating for a while, and decided to try it. It was simply impossible. I survived for a week, but ended up feeling horrible, felt urges to masturbate. I relapsed.

    That kind of scared me, so I tried another time and lasted about a week (again). Something was wrong with me.
    That was when I remembered NoFap! I read about it in 9GAG some years before, so I looked it up on Google. And it was very eye-opening for me.

    I read a lot of posts, and found out I was probably suffering from a pretty bad case of D.E. (Delayed Ejaculation). "Death grip" and "porn addiction" also fit the description. I felt miserable, and realized I actually had a problem.

    My girlfriend was going to be out of town for some weeks, and I had vacation too, so I wasn't gonna see her for around 3 weeks. I saw that as an opportunity and made my decision: Stop masturbating and watching porn. Not forever, but as long as needed.
    So I started the challenge.

    FLATLINE. Right in the face. As soon as I started NoFap for good, my penis literally "died" on me. I lost my libido completely and felt depressed. I didn't have urges to masturbate, which was good, but man, the no-libido thing was the worst.

    I didn't masturbate for 3 weeks, and the flatline didn't go away. For 3 weeks, I didn't get an erection, I felt miserable and sad. I felt impotent, something that never happened, even during sex. I almost quit.

    When my girlfriend came back, I was really excited about the possibility that I was "rebooted" and cured from my Delayed Ejaculation. After a few days we were able to get together and have sex again.

    Still no orgasm. Not even close.

    I could have felt like shit and stopped my NoFap challenge. But something changed. After having sex, my libido came back, strong as ever! That made me feel a little better, so I didn't quit.

    I started feeling the "superpowers", once in a while. My concentration was good, my relationship with my family and girlfriend improved. I was feeling happier and confident. Everything was just a little bit better.

    Me and my girlfriend didn't have sex again for sometime because of some tough exams in university, but I kept doing my NoFap challenge.

    One day, it was very late and I accidentally bumped into an "adult channel" on TV. The urge was too much for me, and I decided to try masturbating a little bit, but without finishing.

    I took it really slow, but ended up ejaculating, even though I tried to stop it. It felt really bad to relapse that way, but I was proud of my NoFap streak (the longest one yet)!

    After a few days, I turned 19 and we had sex again.
    I wasn't expecting too much, but something amazing happened:
    To my surprise, it was completely different.
    I felt really into it, and the sensations during sex were stronger.

    I didn't even last very long.
    I had an orgasm during sex, for the first time in my life.

    It felt amazing, better than the ones I got from masturbating. After months it finally happened! Man, we were so happy...

    The awesome thing is that we had sex in the next day, and it happened again!

    We were so excited that we tried again the next day (just to make sure lol), and once again, I could orgasm during sex. My Delayed Ejaculation was cured.

    Not much time has passed, but I feel like D.E. is not going to be a problem anymore. I haven't masturbated ever since that relapse, but I usually don't feel the need to.

    My life is simply better without masturbation and porn, and I feel like I'm in control now. I got rid of something that was bad for me and I don't think I'll be going back.

    People have different problems related to masturbation and porn.
    If you think NoFap can help you, give it a try!
    I'm a real person, writing this to you to prove you that it works:

    - Have your goals in mind and don't give up.
    - Even if you feel urges to quit, don't. The rewards will be worth it.
    - Relapsing is not the end of the world! You should always be proud of how far you got. Try to have longer and longer NoFap streaks, until you reach your goals.
    - If you are reading this, don't masturbate daily, by looking at porn, with a very tight grip, with very fast movements. That was my recipe for disaster lol

    In conclusion:
    We all know addictions are bad. But not everyone knows that porn and masturbation are a very common type of addiction, much less the damage they can do on the long run! NoFap can probably help you, if you give it a chance.

    Had a very bad case of D.E (never ejaculated during sex, even after months of trying).
    After a few weeks trying and failing, I was able to go a little more than 1 month without masturbating.
    By doing so, I was able to orgasm during sex for the first time!

    So, that's my story.
    If you guys have any questions, I'll be glad to answer.

    Please forgive any english mistakes (I'm Brazilian), and the long post!
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    Good job man, stay strong
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    Awesome story, and thanks for deciding to sign-up here to share it with the community!:)
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    Brazilian dude huh? You write well my friend.

    Nice progress! It is inspiring! I feel you man, just keep going. Your work makes me work harder and harder.

    18 anos, medicina? Foda heim... parabéns por isso também :)
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    Thanks guys! Stay motivated
  6. OneRandomGuy

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    Sempre tem um Brasileiro, literalmente kkkkkk
    Valeu cara, keep going!
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    Nice story and well done!
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    Has anyone struggled with premature E? I haven't been able to bring my wife to O in 3 years. Now I've just started NoFap. Only 6 days in. My hope is that by rewireing my brain, it will help me control my PE. My wife says that it's all in my head and I'm not put her first. Suggestions???
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    An excellent story bro! Not going to lie I teared up with joy reading this! Extremely powerful, I'm glad this has benefited you.
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    What a beautiful story. I'm really happy for you and your girlfriend.
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    Bring your wife to O before you even have sex. ;)
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    Thanks guys!
    Fighting D.E. was a very big deal for me, I'm glad you guys enjoyed my story..
    Hope you're all doing well
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    Yeah man, like the lady said. Use other parts of your body and learn new skills hahaha
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    Hahaha nice one xD
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    Congratulations! Just understand that if you developed this problem once from watching porn, you can slip into it again easily. You're not "protected" against future porn use. Read this page for many relevant stories: What's it like to use porn after rebooting?
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    Amazing! Congratulations and thank you for the inspiration, I'm struggling with DG/DE too! I'm on day 8.
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    Wow, I've been on NoFap for a while but until reading this I didn't realize there was such a thing as Delayed Ejaculation. I thought it fell under the umbrella of PIED. Well DE is exactly what I have! It's great to hear that there's a end in sight. I need to really commit to this and stop being a pussy.
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    It works trust me!
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    Good job! Keep going, it's worth it!

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