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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Penninesandcheviots, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. Penninesandcheviots

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    At the height of my addiction I would probably PMO aroubd 4-5 times per day on average. Some days I did it as much as 13 times and i would be unable to get hard the next day, And I would have no ejaculate.

    At the time I stupidly had pride in this because I thought it just meant I had a high sex drive, and I didn't realise the damage it was doing to my brain and sexual health

    I can't believe how ignorant I was back then, anyone else experience something similar?
  2. Di.Do.555

    Di.Do.555 Fapstronaut

    It is bad. Even once a day is bad.
    Never went more than twice a day.
    It is good you joined this forum.
  3. Prince6543

    Prince6543 Fapstronaut

    13 times a day?
    Sir, I want you to be my IDOL :emoji_grinning:
  4. Saythatagain

    Saythatagain Fapstronaut

    7 was my record and I can still recall how bad my dick hurt. I can't say past 4 I even came. Yes, I used to be proud of my accomplishment. Now it's just a reminder of how deep it had gotten at 13.
  5. Can we ask how old you are?
    In my twenties, I would sometimes hit 4 or 5 in a day and my personal record was 10x in one day (and 6x the next day) . . . I was pretty proud of that, but as @Saythatagain said again, there really wasn't much to ejaculate after the 3rd or 4th time.

    Some guys will jerk off until their dicks bleed and I've heard credible reports of guys masturbating for days at a time. Maybe that's something to brag about, but now that we all know better, I have to agree that even once a day is too much and is very damaging to our brains and our bodies.
  6. Penninesandcheviots

    Penninesandcheviots Fapstronaut

    Between 13-19, I was PMO'ing around 4-5 times a day until only a few month ago, I remember a few days where I did up to 13-14 last year.
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  7. That's not too abnormal for a teenager.
    Lucky for you, you've found NoFap. Now you know how damaging porn and masturbation can be and you have a community that wants to help you succeed! :)

    I'm not single at the moment, but at 45 years old, I can say that I was single for about 40 Valentine's Days.
    That's what PMO did for me . . .
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  8. I've been hitting 5-8 times a day for.the past 4 months , it's fucking brutal , when I manage to stop even for 2 days my dick grows in length and girth by about a 3rd so that's how much It gets beat to death. If I manage a week , my flaccid length can go up to as much as 5 inches , but because I fap so god damn much you would think it was smallish .

    I just want to stop fapping so god damn much so my dick can hang nicely again , and stop feeling like a disgrace ever time I fap shit is torture
  9. Breadman

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    What a waste of your time. It proves nothing. It just wastes your life. Spend time trying to be a good man and women will want you, not some boy who spends his time on his own cock.
  10. Breadman

    Breadman Fapstronaut

    Yeah, but it only gets harder the longer you wait.
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  11. BeFree33

    BeFree33 Fapstronaut

    Truth is harsh. But it's the truth.
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  12. JohnJohnson1995

    JohnJohnson1995 Fapstronaut

    I feel you brother. I cant say i every reached 13 but definitely 5-6 regularly. On top of that i would edge for hours on end- sometimes all day/10 hours plus a session. And like you i was extremely proud of this. Be happy you found NoFap and keep working hard to reach your goals!
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  13. Jonny Shuffles

    Jonny Shuffles Fapstronaut

    Im not gonna say its normal but those are far less than my numbers at peak. I would have gone >13 and backed it up with days >13 many, many times. Often after 10 or so very little if anything comes out.

    I wouldnt say i had pride, but certainly had a hedonistic appreciation and apathy to anyhing else.

    Definitely surprised how many people on this form think that 5 times a day is a lot.
  14. QuiggyG

    QuiggyG Fapstronaut

    I have gone beyond 13 many times. What stopped me was I would develop a "rash" or a burn on the tip of my foreskin which made it very difficult to continue PMO. Mind you, after a day or two, I was back in the cycle. My regular routine during PMO was 4-8 times a day, 75% with P, the other with P-subs.
  15. QuiggyG

    QuiggyG Fapstronaut


    Same. I'm well and truly surprised, as with my PMO compulsion, I'd hit 4-8 everyday. But I should also mention, the method or grip of fapping would be a factor to. I know for a fact my grip/method is certainly different to the vast majority of M'ers.
  16. JasonMamoa

    JasonMamoa Fapstronaut

    Those are just rookie numbers. Haha! I think all of us have experience such state during our youth.
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  17. MrYang29

    MrYang29 Fapstronaut

    that's bad, my max is 3 times a day. but, never too late to start this nofap journey. start it now brah!
  18. QuiggyG

    QuiggyG Fapstronaut

    I guess it goes to show how lazy I am as an individual lol for those saying that 5+ a day is a lot. How busy though is everyone during their day to day?
  19. Rehab101

    Rehab101 Fapstronaut

    Clean the house, cook, study, social life, grocery, help out parents, sports, current events, read a book...etc. keep yourself busy.

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