How Only Excluding MO at First Helped Me Break Through the 15-Day No-PMO Wall

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    This is not a thread encouraging anyone currently abstaining from porn to start watching it. This is my opinion about a strategy that might be able to help you reboot again if you end up relapsing, especially if you have a relapse pattern like I did.

    Every single time when I relapsed in the past two years, the reason was porn. I had my control on MO, but I was somehow pulled into watching porn. I promised myself not to touch every single time, but I eventually did.

    I knew that something had to change about my approach. I knew that porn use for me was inevitable and that I first had to learn how not to MO to P before finally cutting out porn.

    I realise now that a major problem in cutting PMO altogether at once, at least for me, was that every time I helplessly fell into watching porn, my urges to MO were already the strongest (at 5-15 days in). I was beginning to watch porn when I was the most susceptible to masturbating to it. What my new strategy did for me was to introduce porn watching at a point when my urges were the weakest (at day 0).

    I started allowing myself to watch as much porn as I wanted, and focused on building resistance to MO while watching. I was starting with the beginner's workout instead of jumping to the advanced on my first day at the gym. Or take mithridatism as an analogy.

    Although I felt progress, I did fail with this approach 2-3 times in the span of 2-4 weeks. But then as I got better at the skill I was learning, I finally let go of porn.

    There were new motivating factors coming in to help me get past the addiction as well, so take that into account. I'm also a virgin and have no PIED. It's not necessary that you'll get past your relapse pattern with 3-4 attempts at the new strategy like I did (if you succeed at all).

    I've been off of PMO for 20 days and off of MO for about 25. I feel like I've gained an enormous level of control over my MO urges and I feel absolutely no temptation to watch porn. I'm dream-journalling and learning lucid dreaming to clean the mess that was caused by porn in my subconscious mind.
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    Really good content buddy. Will try to follow up with this pattern. Thank you

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