How perverted am I?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Ghost79, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. Ghost79

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    When I was watching porn regularly I did not have this problem, so its a recent thing.
    I keep looking at tits, asses, long legs and trying to look between women's legs when there sitting! And when a woman is standing in front of me, I imagine myself how she looks naked and what it would be like to have sex with her.
    Is my mind tring to look for a substitute for porn?

    I feel I have become such a creep! I try not to show it but I'm afraid my perverted mind will start to leak in the real life soon from the way I will talk to women and thru my movements.
    What can I do to fix this? Is this caused by years of PMO?
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  2. Asdor22

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    I see you are doing no porn, I´d recommend doing atleast no PM, cause when you masturbate you fantasize and that can be theoretically brought to those situation..not sure tho. Stay strong! :)
  3. Ghost79

    Ghost79 Fapstronaut

    I tried for years to quit M but I simply can't! And yes when I M those images of my favorite P models start appearing in my mind while I fap to them, but they are fading away with every M.
    I have been addicted to porn for 20 years. And only with M I can manage to stop P. I need to do what works for me personally. I'll look at stopping M totally once I'm sure I'm done with P or I have a girlfriend.
  4. Asdor22

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    Well, I´ve been addicted "only" 8 years or so. For me, the way was to hit the cold turkey. No PMO when I started back 2018 and lasted 6 months. I see your addiction is very deep, so I´d recommend starting of by masturbating without imagination..or at least without imagining porn models. But I´d be glad to hear more about your addiction, so I could help more. Feel free to DM me :)
  5. Stroke316

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    Well. it happens. a years ago i had the same trouble. Now im free of porn. but my triggers are the dancers. so try to abstain of porn, im agree wth the other user. you should abstain from orgasm too.
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  6. If you don't like it, dont do it! Its your choice, start abstaining from orgasms too
  7. Di.Do.555

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    Totally normal bro.
    You are not a pervert. Women are beautiful and our culture encourages us to objectify their bodies.
    Porn fed your need forsex.
    When it was removed, you started looking for the real deal.
    I can't see any issue with that.
    I mean women are barely wearing anything these days. And our sexual response predates our thinking brains.

    If this bothers you though, please try the monkmode. Be strict with yourself and eventually the brain will start handling stress differently ( using different outlets rather than sex)
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  8. I think in Gary Wilsons book YBOP he says that fantasies can actually induce similar responses to carrying out the act. In your case M with P-like fantasies is probably not helping but he does suggest that realistic fantasies may be beneficial. If they don't satisfy you I think you're gonna need to go without M for a time as well and maybe see if the results are even better, the healthiest way to M is apparently just by focusing on the sensation and not using fantasies.
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  9. thinking_differently

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    I’m think you’re a young fellow, who’s never had sex.
    And hence this curiosity. I know that kind of curiosity.

    NoFap is not merely about quitting P,
    It’s about Learning to deal with Lust.
    All those people who learn to deal with Lust, make it out of this shit hole wayy faster, because you see, Lust is the most Fundamental Instinct that fuels all this.

    That’s exactly what P exploits and promotes Lust. It’s actually Damaging a person’s morals, unless you decide for good, that you won’t do it.
    Screwing your neighbour’s Spouse! What the Absolute Fuck! Fucking teens, fucking your teacher? What the heck?

    RIPZYZZ Fapstronaut

    Nothing wrong with that mate, you're just a healthy male with sexual interests. Imagining the other person naked is very normal and the women who you talk to might imagine you naked too. Just don't stare or try to look between legs cause you're not as sneaky as you think and women will notice.
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  11. It is better to lower your gaze. It benefits you and the woman you are objectifying.
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