How (physically) dangerous are Sissy related activities?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by I Hate PMO, Oct 16, 2021.

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    Because I don't see any psychological danger, because it would be acting out and to be in a position and place where I always was supposed and deserved to be, it's like reaching my destination
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    But how can I know what mental issues are driving me into this behavior? I literally am just like: "Idk why I'm like that"

    I'm not even having a stressful life, I'm studying the subject i love but "damn, why does X and Y have to wear panty hoses today i mean I'm happy because it's free porn but I will only get 50% what the profesor will be saying "

    I can't control those thoughts. Literally a thousand sexual thoughts popping up at once.
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    Well after all the input you got from the people here it seems more like you either don't want to see these dangers, or its just really what you're into.
    Nothing wrong with that either. If it doesn't seem to be doing you harm.
    But then why would you want a reason to stop it?
    I mean it's your decision no one can make that for you anyway.
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    I'm going to address these out of order because it makes better sense that way.
    Fair enough, I'll amend my assessment. It's not that your life has so much stress that you want to avoid it, it's that you find real life too boring. That could also be ADHD btw, or maybe not, and it doesn't really matter. You're still making a mental escape into a fantasy realm.
    X and Y wearing hose does not apply to you. You interpret it as something sexual because you've trained yourself to interpret everything as sexual. 9/10 times it's not, and when it is, it still doesn't apply to you. You're a P addict. You currently aren't capable of correctly understanding sexual messaging.
    I'm going to repeat a couple red flag portions
    You should never be happy about porn because it's never free. Yes, you didn't go looking for it, it was just lying out there for you to find. Normal people wouldn't even find that pornographic, but you do, and porn always comes at a psychological price. I can't reiterate enough, the way porn has persuaded you to understand the world around you isn't real. Did you read what I said earlier? Porn is fucking you over. Literally, physically, it is persuading you to do things that are unnatural and not good for your body, and it is causing psychological trauma similar to rape. As long as you keep yourself happily wanking away in the fantasy world, you will never be fully functional in the real one. Some people are okay with that. You seem to be conflicted on that count.
    This is passive thinking. This is victim thinking. This is entitled thinking. This is addicted thinking. Listen; people will make choices that negatively impact you every day. All the time. Sometimes it will be intentional, usually not. Regardless, you won't be able to do anything about their choices. You can, however, make your own choices. If listening to the professor is important to you, then sit in front of the class where you won't have to see what they are wearing.

    You aren't the only one who deals this. As a kid, I would spend hours walking around, inventing my own fictional scenarios as a way to focus on something and avoid stress. It was a coping mechanism for my ADHD. When I hit puberty, imagination frequently took on a sexual nature, because it triggered more dopamine. I found that more gratifying. I also lost the need to physically walk around; I could escape into fantasy, sexual or otherwise, any time I wanted. And I did. I was careful to not use real people for fantasy, especially sexual fantasy, but I trained my brain to fantasize as a fast reaction to virtually every kind of stress. I got so good at it, I took on fiction writing as a serious hobby. I can't say a profession, because I haven't made any money on it thus far, but I sure as hell have spent thousands of dollars and more time than I care to think about on it. I don't need porn to PMO. All I have to do is think. Sometimes I don't even have to intentionally think. This last push to quit, I noticed entirely new and remarkably elaborate fantasies just springing into my brain, fully formed. Writers call that "inspiration," I called it disturbing as hell. This isn't who I am naturally, I made myself like this, and I still quit porn for 106 days so far.

    Read my post here, the section on thoughts, for more details if you're interested in how.

    Again, there's that victim mentality. "What mental issues are driving me to this behavior?," not "Why am I choosing this behavior?" Sure, there can be issues nudging you along, but the behavior you are choosing isn't natural. And right now, it doesn't matter why you are like that. The key is to stop feeding the behavior that makes you like that. Step away from porn and pornographic mentality. Reboot. Then psychoanalyze yourself. At this moment, part of you wants to cling to the addiction and indulge it. You seem to know it's dangerous, but have yourself partially convinced you can tame it. You probably can. If your addiction is like a vampire, you can prevent it from completely draining your blood so you die. Instead it'll just keep feeding off of you, keeping you weak and anemic, making you think you are content and happy, when you're really just lethargic and lazy.

    Get rid of it. You're a better person without it.
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    I want to stop it because I don't feel that this is something a man should be into

    Do you imagine Sargeant Gunnery Hartman to be into sissy stuff? He's more interested in, quote: "To fuck your sister"

    I'm trying to listen to Black Metal to toughen up, but it only works short time.

    I feel that all those kinks make me feel inferior to "Chads" who only like vanilla stuff

    So, the longer I'm on nofap, the more I realize how less of a man I feel like actually, that everyday me is just a facade, and the real me is
    the anal plugged cock caged sissy eating off his own cum from another women's feet

    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and this whole fetish thing is my weakest link.

    I mean, I see it during my lecture. What MAN thinks during a lecture
    "Man, how cool would it be if the girl in front of me would put her nyloned feet on my table" or "I wonder how it must feel like if she'd sit on my face with her pantyhose ass"

    I want to be a fucking MAN, a brutal guy who likes the most brutal music, does the most brutal workout, etc.

    But also, I've seen a documentary about a transwoman who was an ex navy seal, in his appearance very very manly, basically became a seal to cultivate their masculinity, but eventually decided that this whole process doesn't work
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    But how can I get rid of something I don't have control over? Those thoughts are popping up unintentionally, it's so disgusting, even right now when im writing this to you, you don't wanna be in my head

    I just can't say STOP and sort my thoughts, my brain is creating porn on its own.

    I mean, tomorrow I've got some lectures again, the only thing I'm thinking of is "what friend will wear a pantyhose tomorrow and in which color?"

    If only they knew how much power they have over me. The best would be to just go to a monastery in the mountains and forget about women
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    And you really don't think there are underlying issues?
    What about being "brutal" in every way does make one a man?
    Is Hitler the manliest of em all?
    It seems like your diminished self-worth, probably induced by or a cause of your addiction, gave you a twisted view of how things should be.
    The guys I know that solely listen to black-metal are dudes that seldom have a girl, sitting in front of the computer all day and get stupid drunk on the weekend(nothing against that and I like these dudes and occasionally can listen to some black metal, but they don't exhibit the concept of pure masculinity).
    That actually reminds me of the movie "the art of self-defense", funny but meaningful flick ;)
    Just force feeding yourself with things that seem to fill you with self-hatred won't lead you to a fulfilled life and a picture of yourself you could be happy with.

    I would suggest learning to accept and love yourself, while pursuing the things that really matter to you so you can end up being the confident man you truly are but don't rely on all this external made up nonsense. You are currently in the cycle of self induced hatred towards yourself because your values don't align with this fetish that takes a lot of space in your mind keeping you trapped and fucking with your confidence more and more. There is your psychological danger.
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  9. I Hate PMO

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    Yeah. I mean I have confidence in like standing up, talking in front of a group, believing in one's success, etc.

    But I don't have confidence in the i guess social sense i guess. I'm a very introverted and shy guy, and I'm basically sometimes legitimately scared of someone bigger than me (even if not, if the person is behaving like a "man" I get scarred lmao)

    Once, I saw how a random dude walked to a random girl in a bus just to chat with her and ask her out. You think I could do that?

    Or just go out and party and get drunk. Just be a fucking man because he knows that he can fuck every woman if he thinks so

    So yeah, in that case, I've given up being a man, and feel comfortable being a sissy because it satisfies me (sexually).

    If it comes to that sense then yes, I fucking hate myself, and I only like those fetishes because I feel like I deserve to like them and am only destined to like them, to be a fucking amoeba under a women's feet or ass, to eat and consume body fluids and to feel how it is to be fucked.

    How could I resolve this? I don't know. Chemical castration I guess
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  10. Meshuga

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    I think I'm typing too much. You're seeing all this text, then your eyes are glazing over and you're not reading.

    This right here stopped me from letting myself get totally pissed off, because I've thought this many times and now I know exactly where you are. You are in an exaggerated emotional state. Back up, take some deep breaths, calm your body down. I know your brain is in a riot, and it's going to continue to do that probably the rest of the day. It's okay. The feelings are real, but they don't reflect reality. I'm serious though, before you read the rest of this post, slow down.

    Now. Trust me, I've been doing this with my kids all day.

    Are you calm now? I wish I could look at you and know, because so many times I think I've told my kids enough times to calm down, and they aren't calm. You can't take in the information if you aren't calm, though. I'm going to have to trust you that you've settled down. Okay, here we go.
    But seriously, don't keep reading unless you've put yourself in a mental state to actually read these words and pay attention.

    Okay. Go back and read what I said before. I already told you, in detail, how I also generate my own porn. I also told you how to beat it. You have to click the link. I wasn't about to type all that out again, I've already done that work and I wouldn't say anything different to you specifically. It's there. It's possible, I've done it so far and I know 106 days isn't definitive. People mess up after 100 days all the time. But you can get to where I am because I was where you are, and now I'm here.

    Again, with the victim talk. "If only they knew how much power they have over me." I can't tell if that's a serious cry for help or you pleasuring yourself, because I know domination and helplessness is part of the sexual allure, but if you want to end the power of the fetish you have to cut that shit out right now. You have power too. You can choose to think about something else. You can choose to look away.

    That's probably because the person in question was/is really trans. There's a difference between having the markers that cause genuine gender dysphoria, and a fetish cultivated from anxiety and escalation into porn.

    And all that other stuff you've said to @E31 about what a man is, that's an example of how your perception of reality is distorted. It sounds like you're a young guy. You're still getting it sorted out, what a man is and is not, and how to be one. That's okay, that's normal. A lot of people don't understand. For the moment though, just trust me, a man is more than brutality, black metal, confidence, and all that other stuff. You can listen to smooth jazz and be a man. You can be a gentle and compassionate person and be a man. You can be a cautious person, and be a man. I don't think you can soak all that in and learn how it's possible, though, while wallowing in this fetish and trying to talk yourself into believing this is your true identity.

    Quit sex for a while, and reassess when you have a clear head. That's impossible to do right now, because I'm telling you, porn makes you irrational.
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    dude you have watched too much sissy porn, memes and posts that your brain is trying to live out those fantasies shown in those videos......Also the way you are doing Nofap is kinda flawed. What you are trying to do is basically abstinence, which only works as long as your willpower is've gotta change your lifestyle, you shouldn't even be thinking about these fantasies. The moment you are trying to visualise these fantasies in your mind and making them run wild is the moment you've lost mentally and all that remains is psychical relapse which isn't much difference....So I would suggest you to go and rework the basics of nofap and read different strategies and finally restart....
  12. I Hate PMO

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    I thought NoFap was basically just avoiding PMO?

    What do you mean by different strategies? I only know easy mode and hard mode
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  13. I Hate PMO

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    Alright. I relapsed. Intentionally, quick without P or thoughts. I couldn't bare it any longer

    Post nut clarity is a bliss : sorry for the bs I've written.

    I guess the most important thing on NoFap is to have a quiet mind. I think I'm just gonna go have a look at meditation and other things.

    I can't do NoFap and simply change nothing else. NoFap is a powerful tool if you want to improve in general, not the other way around.

    Again, sorry for the bs I've written. But I don't know how to control my hormones
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  14. Meshuga

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    Ah, you're probably to young to get the reference but, "Knowing is half the battle." Be patient with yourself. Nobody controls hormones, you just learn to ride it out.
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  15. FirefromAbove

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    Yes, your anal wall is extremely fragile and was not meant for things to be up there, but for things to come out. Bleeding is very easy and if this is with someone else it can spread HIV and other nasty things you don't want.

    I think Niko Avacado shared a story of this. Disgusting.


    Ingrown hair maybe? but this stuff is more of a personal choice unrelated to the fetish TBH.

    Probably the same idea with compression shorts.

    I'm not a doctor btw.
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  16. Dr.J_76ers

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    Here's the truth as far as I know: if you continue to watch sissy porn and indulge in your crossdressing fantasies you will become a transwoman. But in order to know whether or not you are truly trans and that is the right pathway for you (or anybody), you need to get away from the sissy porn. Masturbating is a very large motivator in our brains and can cause us to want to repeat an event and make it more sexual. Sissy porn reinforces feminine behavior.
    I was in a similar situation to you, but I've been trying to do NoFap since January of this year. While I have had many relapses and binges since then, the fog has partially lifted and I feel more like a man. You can probably do the same thing.
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  17. @Meshuga Hey man, just wanted to say that your posts are helpful to me. And I bet it's helpful to many others as well.
    I hope you're having a great day!
  18. That's what I thought as well.

    Op is not even to the point where he feel so deep that he sees he need to make a choice and start the fight in his thoughts. Unfortunately that will cost him another couple of years.

    All I wanna say is already in my journal.

    By the way:
    There is something interesting called "emasculation fetish".
    That's something like: a man feels more arousal when his masculinity is damaged, pushed down, and dominated by women.

    In normal language: a man is addicted by letting his own masculinity destructed.

    Now guess what will be the end of it.
    Gosh what a surprise: when our masculinity is destructed, our LIFEs are destructed.
    In the end such men are becoming worthless for normal labour, running a family, building the world, protecting the poor and the weak. They will need walfare until death will get them.

    Op is blind for every truth.
    That's the most sad part for me.
    I hope that my and others posts will help others out of their addiction.
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    I mean this was bound to happen with all the fantasies running wild in your brain. Here are the 3 stages of relapse which you need to look out for: (it basically means that you shouldn't give chance to think about your fantasies)

    there also many different good content he posts on his channel which will help you with your addiction for eg you can start with this:

    Just know that, just abstaining isn't enough, you've got to change your lifestyle. Also you don't need any strong reason for you to quit this addiction, by reading other people's stories and also based on how messed up your way of thinking on relationship is you must know there isn't any more reasons required for you to quit this lifestyle altogether.
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