How sex have changed since the '70s (Metro article)

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    Hi community! I've just read an article from the Metro Newspaper about how relationships and sex have changed since the '70s. Part of it shows a man's point of view on porn. I think it's worth sharing with you.
    If you're triggered easily by sex-related words, be careful!
    By the way, I really don't recommend reading the article on the website (this is mostly about sex)

    What are your thoughts on porn?

    In my opinion, the availability of pornography has expanded people’s sexual horizons in ways that might be good, but might also be bad. People are much more conscious of sex and sexuality than they were in the ’70s. By today’s standards, porn was incredibly mild when I was growing up. Top shelf magazines would show women with their breasts exposed, but there were no couples and no penetration. I remember going to Gatwick airport as a teenager with a group of friends, and one of us lifted a porn magazine from WH Smith’s. We all scuttled off and sat on the grass to look at it. Porn was sought-after in my childhood, but rarely found.

    What about when you were in your 20s?
    I can remember the first time I found ‘good’ porn. It was in a shop in Soho, and it was on VHS video. It cost me £20, which in those days was a lot of money, but you could exchange it for half price on your next tape. I kept thinking ‘this won’t be the real thing, I’ve been ripped off’ but I got it home, and it was. It made such an impact and I remember the first time I saw the woman going down on the guy, and it was mind-blowing. I went back and bought another tape, rather than exchanging the one I had, because I was worried that I’d get ripped off with next video. The nature of porn has definitely changed. There used to be more of an attempt to pretend that they were legitimate films with a plot and characters who just happened to have explicit sex. Now, it’s just scenes. I definitely think that I’d have a different relationship with sex if I’d been exposed to porn in the way that young people are today. So many things – like anal sex – are now considered standard. Back in the day, I never thought to expect my partner to do that. The worrying factor for young people growing up and watching porn is that they think what they see is normal and it’s real. Porn is an exaggeration of sex, it’s often portrayed as so casual – a woman being picked up off the street and then ending up in a gang bang – but that’s not real life.

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    I heard on the radio that millennial's aren't having relationships because of porn.
    I turned 16 in 2000, so I was called a millennial at the time. Now I'm just an old man. I have never had sex nor a girlfriend, but enough about me... I believe porn is even responsible for the decrease in the population rate.

    The population was 6 billion in 2010 and now it's over 7 billion, but given that everyone is an adult eventually, this means only 1/16th of the adult population had babies. (Or else there would be 9-10 billion babies: 5b + 5b/2 parents, not including death rate.)

    It's a good thing. I personally can't stand a city with 30k.
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  3. I think the porn industry has reached its peak trashiness in the 00's when I started, now it's a bit better. Still not a good sex ed manual though.
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    Yup, I get it. For me in the 80s and 90s it was the occasional porn mag, but then it was VHS harder stuff and finally internet stuff, which is basically as extreme as you can legally go. And often morally unacceptable.
    It has reached a point where the girls are interviewed after (possibly by another woman, even) and they seem to be expressing great delight at what just happened to them. My higher self says 'there's something wrong with this'.
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  5. What do you mean, "what just happened to them"? They had sex :D. I'm sure you must have been told before, but women like sex too. Porn actresses are no victims.
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    I don't think women generally want to have certain things done to them.
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    • Mainstream is less rough than what you're describing.
    • There's a lot of women who love to be "manhandled".
    • Even those who don't enjoy it 100% shouldn't have you worried. I can't say that I enjoy my job completely either. Is that a moral outrage?
  7. I agree, women like sex and many porn actresses aren’t victims.


    I think the problem with those videos is the women do scenes where they go through with rough sex and even sexual torture in some, then after they sit in front of the camera with a smile and say it was awesome.

    I think it gives a lot of men the impression that all women love that sort of sex. I say this is a problem. Giving the impression that all women love rough, bondage, BDSM, sexual torture, and humiliating situations will cause men to try and force that stuff on women they are dating or married to. I know I’m not in every bedroom across the nation and the world but I think it’s a safe bet that most women don’t want to be treated that way. Porn is teaching men that they love being treated that way.

    That’s one of the problems with porn, it’s spreading lies about how we should relate sexually with women.
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  8. Mainstream porn still spreads lies. I seriously doubt a real life woman wants half the things in main stream porn done to her.
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    Sat down and watched the View and Hugh Hefner is getting a lot of old lady flack for ushering this age of pornography. 1950's-70's-2000's

    I've never watched the channel, but his magazine is Disney compared to the average free tube site these days.

    I hope this doesn't sound fascist, but I'd like to see some kind of Chinese internet porn prohibition in future, where classy Hef bunnies are the only legal porn online, because honestly I've never even had sex, and all the smut that I've seen, gives me the PTSD and OCD behavior, of a creep, court ordered to announce his residence families nearby. The internet has changed me for life.

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