How should I breath to the abs- and chest-exercises?

Discussion in 'Fitness' started by Zephon, Oct 18, 2020.

  1. Zephon

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    I do some workouts almost everyday, most of all for chest and abs. But my question is, how should I breath correctly to the exercises? I've read and heard that correctly breathing will add more effectiveness to your progress, when you want to build muscles or want to keep yourself fit. But I also read and heard wrong breathing cannot be that effective or can even deform your muscles (I don't know if that is true).
    But how should I breath correctly in the case of chest and abs?
    For example regular pushups: I go down and inhale, I go up and exhale.
    And regular crunch: I go up and exhale, I go down and inhale. Or should it be the opposite? I'm confused and no one explains that correctly.

    I hope you guys can help me.
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  2. I think that's bascially it. Never hold your breath at any time, especially when lifting.
  3. fafafu

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    I want to say some points:
    1. Bad breathing may result in injuries.
    2. As a rule of thumb, if it feels natural, it's correct. So breath as your body guides.
    3. All movements you do should come naturally.
    4. If you are only doing only chest and abs, you'll soon have serious posture problems. Because your front is trained but back isn't.
    5. Add back workout. If you can't get to gym, get a pull up bar. ATLEAST.
    6. Don't follow any "breathing" advice. Just do what feels natural. Your body knows what's the best.
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  4. Zephon

    Zephon Fapstronaut

    1. oh, for example?
    2. Can't say for sure, when it feels right and when it doesn't feel right. I do it by instinct.
    3. and correctly
    4 + 5. I do workouts for back but it is not as much as I do for chest and abs.
    6. Like I said, difficult to say. I do it by instinct.
  5. fafafu

    fafafu Fapstronaut

    Bad breathing can lead to hernias.
    Avoid shitty YouTubers like Athlean-X, and all.
    If you can afford it, please hire a trainer. And if you are not planning to go to the gym(I think you should) and are planning to only focus on body weight, there's a book called all you need is a pull-up bar. Give it a look.
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  6. palindromo

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    In weight lifting are necessary specific techniques of breathing, but man you do free body push ups and abs so you don't have to worry about it.
  7. CrimsnBlade

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    Look up the Valsalva maneuver. It applies to just about any weight lifting scenario.
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  8. Zephon

    Zephon Fapstronaut

    @fafafu Getting a pull-up bar is on my list. But my worries are that the wood-door-frames wouldn't stand the pull-up bar. Is there one for doing these?
    Yea but I want to reach more and better results if possible. So I want to reach perfect, you know :D
  9. Xuarez

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    inhale before the tightening of the muscles, exhale after you start loosing them
    but it depends on what kind of exercises you do
    if your exercises are static then this is the rule: "take a breath before you do a push up / lift the weight"
    but if they are dynamic, you don't have to take care about breathing, it just has to be constant/rhythmic

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