How should I tell her?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by goingForIt123, Jul 13, 2020.

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    There's this girl I've been casually having sex with in college, but we haven't been together during this pandemic. The problem is I've started my reboot process during this time apart from one another and I think I've been experiencing "flatline" related symptoms. We are going to meet up soon before college starts and I'm wondering if sex is the best thing to do in my recovery (I've been PMO free for 47 days).
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    In my opinion it's fine, just dont let it derail you.
  3. casual sex, sounds to me you have temporarily replaced the porn addiction for sex addiction, and when she goes you will be back on porn. My suggestion is try date the girl and see if she likes you properly, if not then respect yourself enough to not have sex with her. If you are thinking no or free sex u mad ill be an idiot to say no it shows that you are addicted because you cant walk away, you will even convince yourself its different from porn as is a real woman, it isnt because i guarantee you are always there for sex at a drop of a hat, yo dont put other things first maybe. Have a think about it mate
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    For me is totally fine. Real sex is the pathway you want to reinforce.
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