How strange have your fetishes become before you realized it was time to quit?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, May 28, 2018.

  1. Ossi654

    Ossi654 Fapstronaut

    the most memorable:
    rough sex
    dirty talk
    webcam (it started involved money, so I figured out that I need to do something about it)
  2. 3xtremef4pp3

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    Don’t Want to creep anyone out i just need help apologies for the spelling and grammet

    i am a 15 years old and i have a addiction to masturbating to Rape fantasyies.

    So it all started When i was 10 years old and My friend showed me pornography. At first i thought it was disgusting and absolutly horrifing but later i started to watch some of it and it got interesting the more i watched. At first it was just vanilla porn but the fetishes just started growing and growing to the point were i found Rape porn to be the primary fantasy of mine. I also have an extreme addiction to masturbating but i just masturbate to the fantasys and not to porn. I dont have a porn addiction but just an addiction to Rape scenes. I have No intentions to act out My fantasizes and i have extreme respect for women but its the only way for me to get aroused and i am afraid that it Will escelate to the point where i find it arrousing to actually perform these fantasizes in real life.
    What should i do and Will nofap help. I dont know What to do and Why i get aroused to these thought. How can i find pleasure in true love pls help
  3. kingpietro

    kingpietro Fapstronaut

    Why is rough sex bad? i have rough sex with my girfriend because she likes it
  4. kingpietro

    kingpietro Fapstronaut

    Watching rape videos made me realise that i had to quit. I mean watching people getting hurt and crying was just fucked up
  5. 3xtremef4pp3

    3xtremef4pp3 New Fapstronaut

    Does it help with nofap like does the fetish go away or what

    By the way good luck with the whole Nofap thing its really great that you want quit a bad habbit of yours
  6. kingpietro

    kingpietro Fapstronaut

    Yes it goes away
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  7. ClaudeDuval

    ClaudeDuval Fapstronaut

    Like any addiction it's a progression and it takes more and more doses to get you high or to get you off... Everyone builds a tolerance. At first I looked into basic stuff, then it escalated into BDSM and almost torture porn(very sick). Sometimes women dominating men but mostly men abusing women(smacking, choking, etc) very rapey. It spilled over into my actual sexual life... The whole time I knew it was a problem I just couldn't stop :/
  8. learning

    learning Fapstronaut

    Maybe it is the hormone drop due to aging (I am 51), but my interests have moved from rated-X to rated-PG13.

    The only real fetish I had was breast expansion. That has been my fetish from nearly as soon as I became sexually active due to a comic strip I saw in the Sunday paper with that theme as part of the joke. That's been 30 years. But now even that fetish is fading away.

    A fetish that I probably could pursue if I allowed myself is sissification. At times I have had a desire to try cross dressing.

    Another fantasy is to exercise and become a male pornstar. Penis growth is part of that fantasy. That's pretty silly. I think with my libido decreasing, my porn brain is grasping at straws.

    Ironically, the amount of time I invest in PMO has increased even though my libido has decreased. When I was younger, I probably invested 3 hours per week. Now I often invest 4 hours per day... Then there are other times like today when I have zero interest. Depression plays a role.
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  9. boborosso

    boborosso Fapstronaut

    For me it was crying and brutal anal. That's what made realize how sick I'd become.
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  10. IAmLegend

    IAmLegend Fapstronaut

    High heels,sneakers,tights and shorts
    And its so difficult to quit now everytime i see a girl walking wearing these i just end up relapsing this is why i cant complete a single week without relapsing i guess this is the worst fetish here for nofap
  11. TryingAgain

    TryingAgain Fapstronaut

    Cuckolding and stuff. The nastier the wife, better.
    It basically includes everything that has been previously cited by everyone else, but, especially, gangbangs and group sex in general, glory holes, Adult book store and porn theaters.
    Also public stuff - public sex, exhibitionism, flashing, naked dares, window/balcony and so on.

    At this point everything is going on in my mind and I just watch all these crap. But I got to the point where I started to want to do these things in real life - what, by the other hand, I do not want to do.
  12. 3xtremef4pp3

    3xtremef4pp3 New Fapstronaut

    Brother stop masturbating and seek help before the urge is uncontrollable Bee safe
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  13. wtbootb

    wtbootb Fapstronaut

    Rape videos... it's not okay to behave like that. When I wanted something more (even illegal) I just had to put an end to it. Now I'm successfully free of that evil content for 21 days, and I find it really sick and never want to watch it again.
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  14. I know the feeling I don't want to go into details since it so bad. What I will say is I got into voyeurism and there was this one site I would go to. I don't why I went to it since I thought the site was weird and stupid but I guess curiosity got the best of me. Fortunately, the site got shut down, the rumour is it got shut down because someone seriously threatened to sue the site for refusing to take down content that the site didn't own. Needless to say the owner of the site is a real bastard.
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  15. EricKungFooled

    EricKungFooled Fapstronaut

    Hope this post isn't a trigger. I got into pretty strange fetishes and probably at some viewed nearly every kind of fetish out there... but the absolute worst was VR ... it felt so real and intense that it scared me.
    I think I may have caused some potential damage down since while under VR your brain and body are bit separated and I didn't realize my death grip became a vice grip. I eventually started believing that VR could replace human contact and was easier and started browsing for other umm "accessories" to compliment the newly found addiction.

    Thankfully I saw the dangers even while an addict. I eventually moved my VR setup to the a more public area like the living room to restrict it ... I was still deep in PMO addiction but even then it just felt like a whole new kind of wrong.
    Now I only use VR for gaming and movie theaters for my favorite Hollywood movies but sometimes think it is too risky to own.
  16. Sometimes the best thing is to lock ourselves out from certain tech. If we could trust ourselves we wouldn’t have this problem.
    I locked down my internet with a filter on the router and I disabled the browser on my phone for a year because I couldn’t trust me.
  17. Budh

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    NoFap Defender

    I suppose the fetishes I developed were not unusual in contemporary society, though would've been many decades ago. I wont go into detail as it may trigger other members. What triggered change for me was the fact that sex and porn addictions completely consumed my life, it took priority over everything.
  18. TryingAgain

    TryingAgain Fapstronaut

    That's why I'm here... seeking help while helping other people who struggle with the very same things ;)
  19. drac16

    drac16 Fapstronaut

  20. Thats very honest. I wouldnt beat yourself up too bad. Weve all seen and done things we cant unsee or undo, but youre here and you have a good streak going, so heres to the future. Also, the part of you that regrets it and is sickened by it is the real you, the rest is just the addkcted brain taking control.
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