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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, May 31, 2019.

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    Sure bro. you'll get no where thinking like that.
  2. i wont get anywhere but it still is true
  3. Im gonna fold you so bad UHHHH!!!. Look! Before I had my first time I didn't have any female friends. Before I got my first girlfriend NO GIRL told me I was good looking. I was quiet the normal guy. And there were always boys that were "looking way better". You wanna give up because you failed once ?! Wtf why did you even try in the beginning ? Just to have an excuse now? Like: "Yeah, I knew it. I was right." If you are not ready to lose then stop trying it. You know what ? I got a far distance relationship and she and I could be like "He/She is cheating on me" ALL F*CKING DAY. But guess what! We don't we trust each other, we love each other. Get yourself together man.
  4. this doesn't make me feel better honestly. im also not normal.

    i failed a lot of times both rl and online

    i thought i had a chance

    i stoped to be honest. im tired of shooting up cortisol and losing my hair over women
  5. I didn't write a single word there to make you feel better. Look maybe you forget one important thing. People are not NPCs (People have emotions and a real life as well) it's not a simulation where you must perform on a special way to get enought points. That helped me a lot to understand people more. Who gives a shit if you failed a lot of times? What just because you had sex your life will be amazing because you are no longer a virgin anymore. That's not really how life works. Yeah I thought I had a chance as well many times. STOP CONCENTRATING ON SEX IN YOUR LIFE THERE IS FUCKING MORE. IF YOU FAIL THEN ITS OKAY. Like wtf do you think I got any girl I wanted ? No of course not. Stop chasing after this shit. It will come on it's own. What's important is to be ready if it doesn't work.
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  6. all women want the same things

    it wont. it would have by now
  7. You know bro.... before you get a women you should change your mentality. "All women want the same things" yeah maaaaaaybe your are right maybe not. But some would still prefer on thing over the other. Some love music some like music. Of course you can say "HUMANS LIKE GOOD THINGS" that doesn't mean you got the knowledge to really achieve something. Yeah you know I thought like you as well. I was even thinking "I am good looking not toooo good but good. Im doing sports I am playing music. I am a interesting person. I am kind but also got my own character. SO WHY AM I SINGLE?" Well It's okay to fail. Just don't forget to live your life. Stop saying it's impossible because I hate people that give up and tell others it's impossible. I didnt fail the test.

    I just found 100 ways to do it wrong. -Benjamin Franklin

    If you really REALLY want to give up, then give up but if you still believe that shit can happen but you will try no matter what. Then get yourself together and this community will do its best to help you on your way
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  9. Where the fuck did I say that womens are trophies and you can achieve them ?! So let me ask you one thing ? Do you like Emma Watson ? I do but one of friend doesn't. So is she attractive yes or no ? WHO THE FUCK CARES? If I like a girl it doesn't matter who else thinks she is atractive. She same goes for guys. You know what you want this to happen you want to have an excuse to pity yourself. You are doing great. You know what I loathe this behaviour that much? Because I was doing the same shit and thinking the same shit as you do. If you want to lose then lose. You really want it deep in your heart you want to have an excuse so you can say It's not my fault. So you can say I am ugly that's why. If you won't change your beliefs you will always fail no matter what.
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    you don’t know that. you’re acting as if al hope is lost. you are 24, in your prime
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  11. I thought that dipsh*it is like 36 and that's why he is talking like that.... Dude wtf he should get a new view on life and others. Also self-respect. He annoys me a lot with this loser-talking
  12. by implying that its about trying and not about looks


    its not the same for guys. first of all, most guys would fuck most girls if given the chance. for guys, its not the same. only the top 15% of men are attractive, the rest is plebe.
  13. but it is. it not like i turned down opportunities or anything. i never had.

    and its still not good enough
  14. Yeah it's about trying to get a good conversation and a good connection to a partner. Its about trying to find a matching partner. You need some excuses ? Even if I said so. It doesn't change the fact that you got a mental "problem". I don't care if you or I am right about this one sentence that people can interpret as they want. Dude I'm telling you if you want to argue with me you better get ready. Because in the end you will lose anyway. Like you lost to get laid. Because deep inside you are to scared to win.
  15. sexual attraction is physical attraction lol. most guys that get laid cant even form a proper sentence lol
  16. Answer me this question. What if... you are completly right withe everything you said about "you not being good looking enough". Okay you are right we are wrong. What now ? What will you do after your satisfying victory? For real what then? What does it change? Why did you need a proof for your "points"? What now. You are right we are wrong. Does your world change now? Will you act different towards a woman? What you gonna do? What does it change? Will you stop trying? Okay but what then? Will you be satified for being right and also alone?
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    brah no it’s not. The proof is look around you at all the people in the world. All these people had mothers and fathers who had sex, and thus most of the fathers were not in the top 15% lookswise.

    Also my mom is good looking, but sorry to say my dad is a few points lower than her. but here i am
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  18. the sad truth is that the vast majority f men got laid due to social conditioning. with feminism, a lot of maried women actually divorved their husbands abandoend their kids and went to seek out a bohemian life full of sex and happiness
  19. What don't know what to say to my other points anymore? HUH?! Yeah pity yourself that will change you. You want to proof shit to yourself.
  20. im satisfied being right and i have accepted being alone.

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