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  1. Wow...I was kinda rude... hmmm I guess I was biased.
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    This is also one of my most painful problems. I give all my truth and heart to people, but they still can't seem to hear it. Ultimately, people can only change themselves. Something has to happen inside them. Yes, people can be greatly influenced by something external. But they have to allow it to. Otherwise it's useless. People like this are a walled off fort. They have to open the gates before anything can influence them. It does suck watching them close off, and then proceed to slowly starve. While you are banging at the walls trying to offer them food. At times like this, you just have to accept the way this turned out, and use it as a reminder to not live that way again. In the end, they are just another expression of what a certain way of life is.
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    He deserved it. I am glad you bumped this thread back, I am feeling happy and remembering this pathetic loser existed makes me feel even better.

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