How to act this situation?

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  1. I asked a girl to be my girlfriend and i got rejection. I thought i will feel okay but i feel ashame until today. Everytime i see her see me i feel awkward. I got negative thinking about her wht if she tell her friends, what if she laugh at me. This ashameness make me feel depression and make me feel not good also make me into some relapses. How to act the situation?
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    Act naturally. After a few days, I'd expect the awkwardness to dissipate.

    Under no circumstance show her any kind of interest, even if there is one. Are you able to do that? Be neutral.

    As you will get older, you will see that all the things you were worrying about (e.g. excessively about what other people say) will dissipate as well :). But you'd be ahead of the curve if you started today.
  3. Well actually it's been 2 months. And i tried to act natural but i nervous and feel ashame around her.
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    And did she ridicule you in any way, my friend? If not, I think it's more in your head than in her's.

    Is she some king of mean/bitchy girl?
  5. No, she didn't, its just in my head.

    No, she is a smart & diligent girl in my school
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    Excellent. Then don't stress over it. You're good, my man.
  7. thanks bro
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    You're welcome, man.
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    Bro is ghis youre first time asking out a girl . If yes then it is natural for a week but 2 months are too.much .
    Just work on youre self and be happy
    You will find a better girl soon
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  10. yes, i think i'm too much thinking about her. Thank you bro
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