How to approach to her ?

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  1. In my lonely life full of boredom and stress I found a beautiful girl.
    I regularly see her jogging all around the park like me. She is a foreigner.
    I wished her good morning before but then no one likes speaking while jogging.
    We have eye contacts often.
    And she smile at me sometimes too.
    Please help it's about more than 2 months now I know it's idiotic but I accept I am shy :(. Unh I also waved my hand in the air like the way I wanted to say but during jogging it's not possible.
    She disappeares after jogging with the speed of light and I don't know from she comes from.
    Please help ! I just want to be her friend and nothing. I am ready to do anything to stand out of my comfort zone but you advice what to do !
    My intention is good so I am not wrong . I want to be her friend cause I found her different like me and I think she could be my best friend cause she has got an amiable smile. :)

    It's been a long time. Still someone let me know if I can still make it.
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  2. You just want to be her friend based on the fact that she is beautiful? How can you find her different when you have never had a conversation?
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  3. She is not my crush. Every girl is beautiful, beauty is always in the eyes of viewer not in the things in itself.
    And I feel we are different but alike as when it was very cold winters in our city I was one of the few boys and she was one only girl who use to jog.(when any other girl used to lie on bed she used to work on herself like me so I called her different.)
    And it is not because she is a girl ,if she would be a boy then also I'd like to make him my friend.
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  4. It's your fear of rejection, which gets in the way. But rejection is normal and is what you have expect from most cold approaches.

    So dwell a while on the imagination, that she already rejected you. How does it feel? Really bad, right? Now take a really cold shower, how does that feel? Even worse, am I right?

    Now when she smiles at you the next time, think about that freezing cold shower torture, you put yourself through, then stop her and start talking. You will notice, that talking to a lady isn't that bad, as being under freezing cold stream of water.

    It doesn't matter so much, what you talk about, because the only thing you want to find out, how long it takes her to reject you. Sometimes a miracle happens and you end up with her number.

    Inner game is what you have to work on.
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    Say hi, my name is_____, would you like to get ice cream with me?
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    If your criteria for someone to be different from others and is similar to you is simply just someone that loves jogging, then join a club / meetup for joggers. You'll meet many men and women there. You'll meet a lot who are more dedicated to jogging than both you and this woman. So in that aspect, both of you really aren't that special and there's plenty more people like that out there. So you should have no problem letting this woman go, but I suspect that's not really the only reason why you want to meet her.

    Involve yourself in jogging groups. Then you can invite this woman to join it.
  7. Yes you are right their are multiple reasons except jogging.
    Sometimes it happens when we find someone no matter of what gender around us then our hurt suddenly says that this person should be my friend . Still we don't know why but we want that person to be our friend. Another reason could be that I love making friends from other countries. I have made many . For the same reason I talks to each and every tourist possible.
    She ain't my crush that is I never have any sexual thoughts about . But still I'd say I am attracted towards her.
    Also I think in my lonely life I need some friends.
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  8. I really loved that idea ...... Cause I love ice creams I don't know if she likes them.
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  9. You said that true. It was only the fear of rejection that drives me away. What if I would either write a card with all my feelings and left it on her car if I am still unable stop her jogging ?
    I can ask her to be my friend and I would write my email id too cause writing my mobile number might make here feel like as if I am bizarre.
    Or if I could do smthg else then please let me know.
    I always appreciate your replies.
  10. Pls anyone let me know if I should write her a card and left it on her car tomorrow ?
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    I dont think you should do that, she will probably wonder who left it. If it was me I would think of something to ask her and try meet her near who car.

    "So what's your best time around the park, how about a race next time?" With a cheeky grin.

    From there just have a conversation with no intention other that to build some rapport.

    Then a day or so later, start up a conversation again and invite her for coffee at a cafe nearby
  12. If you're both jogging around the same time and she stops around the same time as you, just go up to her and start some friendly small talk to get acquanted with her, ask her questions try and make some jokes but keep it light if its the first time you've spoken to her. I can understand if you are nervous and thats fine but just think about the chances you could be missing out on if you dont speak to this girl. And if that conversation goes well just ask if she wants to meet up for some lunch or a coffee some time.
  13. You said that right mate and I am willing to do the same. But I think as she is a girl new to our country and so she still finds everyone bizarre .(I never saw her talking to anybody before ,I have even doubts if she can speak .)
    First of all....
    She is a girl (some girls already get too scared from strangers).If she would be a boy then today he could be my friend as I could have asked directly even if the boy is foreigner.
    She is a foreigner who is different from everyone around and so their might be some insecurity. If she would have been from our country then I could have tried many such things before.
    I won't lie but their are bad people too with bad intentions in our city. They often target foreigners.
    Sometimes she comes with her mates and that stops me all of a sudden.

    So I don't want to scare her . I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable.
    And so I came up with only idea to write her.
  14. Thanks for your reply but she being a foreigner never talks to anybody in the park.
  15. Do you know if she speaks your native language?
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    You have to embrace rejection, it needs to be your friend. you need to hug it.
    the answer NO you already have my friend, the answer YES is a possiblity..
    but it will always be just that.. a possibility.. unless you overcome your fear of rejection.
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    I think you want something more than friendship... Anyway, just go there and talk to her. If you think about the possibility of rejection, you'll be worried about a situation that didn't even happen!
  18. This kid ain't fooling no one. You know he wants somthing more than friendship, lol.

    And yes he needs to just go tell her talk to her cause creeping around and leaving notes on her car is gonna make her call the police.
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    The best opening line is, Hello my name is (your name).
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