How to avoid nightfall? Please help me friends.................

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Karthick 70o, Jan 17, 2019.

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    Hi guys i am 17 male. I was strogly addicted to masturbation for past 2 years. But for last 3 months i am suffering from night fall. I want to get rid of m but because of night fall i am unable to get rid of night fall. I am requesting you friends please tell me how to avoid night fall or tell md the name of medicine to be used.
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  3. Karthick 70o

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    nightfall means erection of sperms during sleep.
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    Sleep in a crib-

    1. Eat grapefruit.
    2. Don't drink water before bed.
    3. Pee before bed.
    4. Sleep on the sides / back.
    5. Cold showers close to bedtime.
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    Err, not sure what to suggest. o_O
  6. I understand that nightfall means nighttime ejaculation.

    If you're having wet dreams, that's completely normal for some people, especially at your young age. The linked article gives some nice ideas, and I think that the most important are to stop looking at porn; stop masturbating; and use some type of relaxation therapy such as exercise, meditation, mindfulness, or whatever else you need to relax.

    It might take several days for the nightfall to stop. Be patient. Be strong.
  7. Karthick 70o

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    I think quiting from masturbtion is the caupse to nightfall
  8. Karthick 70o

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    Because of nightfall i am unable to get succeded in NoFap challenge
  9. That is not quite correct.
    Nightfall is natural for someone your age.
    Masturbation is the cause of not having nightfall.

    That is not correct.
    Having a wet dream (nightfall) does not mean a reset or a relapse.
    It is entirely acceptable, because it is out of your control.

    You reset your counter when you look at porn or when you masturbate.
    (If you are on a hard reboot, you also reset your counter when you have sex.)
    (Remember that edging is not acceptable in a NoFap reboot.)

    You do not reset your counter when you have nightfall.
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    Once it happens it makes me so depressed. So i tend to masturbate. I am loosing my confidence, feeling guilt and dont know to whom i have tell my problem. For me m is not a problem i can stop it permanently but wet dreams are becoming huge problems.
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  11. Are you perhaps using your nightfall as an excuse to masturbate?

    Nightfall is natural. Seriously, it's natural. There is nothing to be depressed about — it's your body's way of clearing your excess semen. It's what it is supposed to do.

    Also, because of all your masturbation, your body is so accustomed to spewing loads of semen that it doesn't know it has to stop making so much. When you stop masturbating, I hope that the quantity will eventually reduce (it seems to have done so for others), but it will take time. You need to be patient!

    Just ensure that you are wearing something suitable to catch the mess, so that when you get up in the morning you can go straight to clean yourself up without any fuss.

    If you continue to masturbate, you will continue to make your problems worse.

    There's no miracle cure. You have to do what's right.
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  12. i have the same problem. i stopped mastuburation but i m suffering from nightfall. when i suffer from nightfall i mastuburate. my NoFap challenge collapse. and i had another question. why all other sites r saying that mastuburation is normal? my age is 16. pls make me free from this problem. i want my life back. pls help me
  13. After nightfall, you feel increased urges. When you wake up and realise that it's happened, don't lie in bed. In your tired state, you will be emotionally weak. Instead, get up, clean yourself, and do something constructive. Anything — clean the kitchen, do some homework, go for a walk, come on this forum to post, meditate… anything!
    "Normal" can be meant two ways:
    1. A statistical measure meaning that more than 50% of people do it. In that sense, it is indeed normal.
    2. Sane and natural. In that sense, the research indicates that occasional masturbation without porn and only to relieve the urge (not for stress relief) is entirely normal. However, masturbation with porn, or frequently, or for uses other than relieving the urge, are all not normal. Listen to the science.
    We can't make you free. Only you can do this.
    Start a new thread for yourself in the Under-20 Reboot Logs forum.
    Read everything you can on how to succeed.
    Write a list of all the benefits of succeeding.
    Write another list of all the problems that you have now, or will have in the future, of continuing to PMO.

    Good luck!
  14. what about nightfall? does it will stop after a period?
  15. shubharsh1

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    no its will end after sometime...just you have to stop masturbation
  16. how much time it will take?
  17. Everyone is different. It might stop soon. It might not. But, given your young age, it will most likely gradually slow down and eventually stop. When you get a partner, it should stop completely once you start having sex. Just wear pants at night until it stops, and don't worry about it.
  18. how can i get my life back?
  19. shubharsh1

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    I think it's a wrong can you ask for a life if you are living it? Yaa ..i understand your problem..we all think like that in some point in our life.To me it seems like someone else is controlling my reality, if I don't control myself. We are so much in control of our environment that we don't have any control over us. I think overcoming our environment is the key.But this seem impractical most of the time in information age. In this sense i think one solution exist. By imagining the reality you want. You will have to imagine yourself that you have stopped doing masturbation in a present time. Basically you have to focus on the way you want be in the life.And slowly it will start changing your reality. In crux imagination is the key that can free us from all the things that we don't want.
    Hope this helps you
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    nightfall/wet dreams is normal for teens boys and girls and has not to do with masturbation, just with puberty, completely normal behaviour from your body, most people has/had it.

    just read the following article

    It's completely normal mostly after puberty it will disappear.

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