How to avoid orgasming?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Sleepingbadger, Apr 24, 2018.

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    Okay, this is really odd. I don’t have any major problems with P or M anymore, but seems like I can’t avoid O.

    Lately I’ve been relapsing without P or M, just can’t avoid O, it feels like automatic process that I can’t prevent. I’ve tried many things: Holding breath, deep breathing, doing push-ups and cold showers. Just relapsed while doing push-ups, and it’s odd since push-ups have always helped me keeping my urges in control.

    Is there any other ways I can try to keep from relapsing? Also anyone here have the same problem with O without PM?
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    Buy the book David Baldwin: Why You Should Never Masturbate. It is only 3.99$ online. I promise it will give you the motivation to never O again lol
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    I know everyone here is fighting their own battle and every single case is a different one, what i'm going to say here is based on me and me only, feel free to talk about it too. I don't see masturbation/orgasm as an issue, i mean, if you spend the entire day on it or if it's all you can think about it, then it's an issue, i haven't tried masturbation since i stop porn but once again it's also too recent, but based on studies that i've read and articles too, masturbation if done right and in a healthy way, can be really healthy for your body and mind, and also helps to improve your relationship, but as i said, only if in a moderated way.
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    ...Yo, how did you O from push-ups?

    ...But, onto the question: No, I don't see a problem with Oing. Recently, I thought O was a big deal breaker, but I re-read one of the main articles on YourBrainOnPorn, and it made me reconsider the whole idea about O being something we should avoid. But, really, it depends on what you want.

    The only thing I can think of to kill the urge to ejaculate is to throw some ice-cold water onto your sexual organs. But, perhaps your problem is more psychologically or medically related, if you are experiencing O even from physical exercise? If that is the case, I would seek advice from a physician.

    Here's the article I read recently, and you can peruse as you like (the section "To Masturbate, or Not to Masturbate, That is The Question" is particularly helpful): Rebooting Basics: Start Here
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