How to avoid relapsing shortly after a previous relapsd

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Unforseen, Sep 22, 2020.

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    So I have a problem: I get a good "streak" (even know counting is not really the best way), and then when I relapse, i keep relapsing every 1-2-3 days, and that can last for a very long time sadly.
    I just relapsed today after many previous close relapses, like really, How low am I ? I can't even control myself, I even have my ankle swollen yet I still relapsed, can't exercice, can't take a cold bath, and can't go outside, but even without my ankle injury, i still manege to f*ck things up in the most siliest and stupidest way, I know this is called "chasser effect" but if i can't have a full streak, i can atleast not ruin all the progress from this damn short one, I really am hopeless, i tried everything, i thought that maybe its because i had to prepare 1year for an exam, but it passed and I still am here a week later masturbating and watching porn, I feel LOW, yet somehow, i still find a way to go back to PMO. Please, I require some help to stop this binging attitude at least
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    I dont know that I can offer any particular assistance to you other than to confirm you are not alone with this. I am still relatively new to the nofap theory but I have noticed in between some decent runs 32 days, 22 days, and my current streak, I spend weeks hovering around the 0 to 1 days on my counter.
    I assume there is some clever neurological theory for this, perhaps the recent dopamine chemical hit remains fresh and strong at that point and makes it so much harder not to relapse. I don't know. Never the less, I don't think you should stress out too much over this as it isn't in my experience that abnormal. Try to focus on the nice long streaks in between these sticky periods and focus on getting through and starting your new run. Eventually and hopefully our streaks get so long that they become a little meaningless to us at which point I think we may be close to cracking this addiction.

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