How to be a Bad Boy?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Phillips, Dec 26, 2017.

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    Hello Fapstronauts,

    I am recovering from breakup and analysing my relationship. She was my first serious gf and after we had sex I gave her my whole attention, care for her and her needs and thats the moment when all started to fuck up. I was just too nice to her and it lead to break up. She also told me this (maybe not highlighting it as I am now, but it was one of her sentences). I was nice guy and figured out how to communicate with girls thanks to book Mode One by Alan Roger Currie. Someone from forum recommend it and I am also doing it as it is great book for these times. I figured out how to talk to girls and communicate my desires and thanks to it get laid, but still behave as nice guy later. And here comes my question: How to become a bad boy? I am asking as I don't want to repeat same mistakes in the future. What is important is that we are young (she was 19 and I 23), as later being a bad boy may not be as important, however I am not sure if its true.

    The fact that girls are chasing bad guys is known and proven. They are just a challenge to them and they want to "chase the rabbit until they catch it" However this lead to question how to become a bad boy. There is a plenty of knowledge in internet, but most of it is garbage (and you don't know which part). I learned how to be a bad boy in communicating (see above), but not in behaviour. Do you know some good sources, courses, books etc. which you used or can recommend? Or maybe you have some thoughts about it. The only book I know is Bad Boy by Olivia Smith, but it is more a story than self help book. Thanks in advance. I think it will be also great for other users of this forum (I know this statement is not very Bad Boy like, as he focus mainly on his needs, but this last time :D)
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    I have the same issue, but I won't try to change how I am, because I feel that I would just be lying to myself. I will read that book, though.
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  3. Tupac said the same thing
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  4. Fuck the woman you should just at gay and they will want you
  5. I don't think women are genuinely attracted to "bad boys" per se, I believe they are attracted to the confidence and nonchalant attitude that frequently accompanies bad boy behavior.

    And there is nothing wrong with being nice. But nice guys usually have ulterior motives. And that’s when you get stepped all over like a doormat. Check out a book called No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover.
  6. Srsly when I read this sh*t I'm happy that I'm still virgin till this day f*ck womens.
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    It's hard. To attract women you have to forget about them, especially the hot ones. You have to have other priorities. They aren't attracted to people who are willing to do anything for them, they're attracted to guys who have better things to do. Once you sleep with them, the game changes and for the most part they will become more attracted to you, especially if the sex was good. That's when you need to show them some attention, but for the most part when you're trying to attract as many girls as possible, it's all about confidence and swagger. Being a stereotypical "man."
  8. Why not just be yourself @Phillips? Why play a role? A good guy, a bad boy or whatever. Just be you according to your personality. Then, when someone falls in love with you, they really love the real you, not an illusion of you.
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    How to be a Bad Boy? Join SEAL Team 6:

    SEAL Team 6 Physical Standards

    SEAL Team 6 Physical Standards Test (PST)

    15 dead hang pull ups (on Instructor's count)
    80 push ups in 3 minutes (chest to deck)
    90 sit ups in 3 minutes (rest in top position)
    100 Air squats in 3 minutes (full lock out at top)
    3 mile run in 22 minutes (in running shoes)

    If you fail by one rep or one second you go back to the SEAL teams. Do not advance.
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    Stop being the bad boy lol just be yourself unapologetically and the people who matter will fuck with you don't try to change who you are at your core to attract the wrong people in your life that's just my advice
  11. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Work on yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually and people will naturally be attracted to you. I've done the bad boy role and while that may get you laid, it won't attract you any women. Girls, yes, but not women. The best thing you can do is learn to appreciate yourself and be confident in what you have to offer. Live, eat, and die for a purpose greater than yourself and you'll find an amazing woman who has similar goals and interests. In short, fuck being a bad boy; be a great man!
  12. I've been in gangs, a criminal, incarcerated multiple times, almost killed in a couple fights. Being a bad boy isnt cool lol..Trust me man the women are all mostly idiots in that circle. Not wifey material, just mostly groupies that love free cocaine and sugar daddy's who got some coin. You don't want to attract that type of women. They're as bad for your soul as the life style is. You just need to get into some martial arts and hit the weights. Focus on youself, and be a Entrepreneur and not give a fuck what people say about your dreams. Just go for them. You'll be alright. Thats the only way to be a bad boy with out going to jail or being a piece of shit lol.
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    As a woman I can tell you personally being truthful and honest to yourself is far more interesting and attractive than a man or woman who pretends to be something or someone they're not. Could just be I'm ugly and fat but it's the truth. I wish you the very best.
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    My Journal
    You guys nailed it!

    You don't have to be an asshole to be a cool guy. The 'confidence' girls like about bad-boys is usually fake (called narcissm) and fake confidence often attracts fake girls. Be real, work on your neediness.

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    If you want to become a bad boy, here's the secret: Do bad things. See you in Allah's paradise with your 70 virgins ;)
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    Haha wtf lol
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    You're not a bad boy, so don't try and find a woman who wants bad boys. Be yourself, and if it works out - Great, if not, she wasn't right for you.

    And also, being 23 is a bit eh.. late to try and be a bad boy. That's for 16 year olds.
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