How to be a Bad Boy?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Phillips, Dec 26, 2017.

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    From what I've gathered I think what happens is that you may have oneititis and put too much emphasis on a girl. This is a very serious issue depending on the extent of how much attention you put on a woman because it can turn into codependency which is really unhealthy. Trust me, I have had issues with this in the past. I don't think you need to be a "bad boy" just realize that no woman should have the ability to control you're affection. I suggest learning some behavioral techniques about this.
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    Your Title? How to be a bad boy?

    I am sorry, but that just does not work, be yourself and if is into you she will be into you and NOT because your bad!

    There are however a few general universal attributes regardless if you a bad boy or not that a woman might find attractive.

    These are probably amongst other:

    1) Confidence
    2) Things going for you, like hobbies, career etc.
    3) Goal orientated man.
    4) Personal grooming, hygiene etc.

    The bad boy myth might or might not work. It is not a pre requisite for attraction!
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    Do what you want. Place more value on yourself / desires / intentions. Follow your desires fully without attaching your self worth to any outcome (autonomous). Be certain with yourself even though the outcome and life itself can be uncertain. Be driven and gregariously reaching beyond your current place. Believe that you're worth it. Self esteem and confidence. Courage to face your fears. Not intimidated by physical attributes or women you barely know (experience with women). Not desperate or needing the approval of others (self validate). Bold, daring, adventurous, playful, and having the audacity to take risks. Polarizing and edgy because you don't trade your self worth in order to be liked by others (they either like you or they don't, no performing / convincing / compensating / acting in a way you think others will like you for).

    Bad boys do stupid immature shit to appear like they have all the above qualities.

    Be a better man that places importance on themselves in a positive way instead.
  4. Fuk persons. Man a person is a person.. sukers gotta quit putting these ho's on a dam pedestal. Treat em like a person. They like it. U go around acting like mr nice guy u gonna get treated like one.
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    Many people have given their opinions here, and both sides have pros and cons.

    My advice is don't try to be either. Good or Bad are subjective. What one woman likes, another may deplore.
    You're still young at 23, and girls at 19 are just as clueless as you may think you are, too. Try not to take it personally; even though it's hard too. I know.

    If you are genuinely a nice guy, girls will flock to you. The facade of a 'bad boy', being dressed in leather, riding a motorbike, covered in tattoos, and brushing women off to make them all the more 'wanting', isn't anything that lasts. You rarely see older guys (25-30+) trying to pull this stunt (as that's all it really is) because it's too difficult to maintain, and the quality of any 'relationship' you think you might gain is not going to be satisfying in the long run.

    If a girl thinks you are "too nice", she either doesn't care for you enough to have her actually be worth your future pursuit, or perhaps she has an issue of low self-worth. In either case, it isn't your place to try and change her.
    What you can do however, is genuinely tell her that you like her, and that you really feel like she is special and important. Tell her that her life has value. That she means something to you, and you want to help her become the most valuable person she can be.

    Never underestimate the power of showing someone their honest and genuine value as a human being. Remember this in all of your life's endeavours, and all manner of relationships you have will be better for it.
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    I'm going to start an edgy bad boy workshop and give people a certificate upon completion.
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    Let me start with a little riddle.

    Imagine you are at a date with a hot woman and you enter the train then you notice there is only one seat left for one person to sit. What are you going to do?

    You sit down at the seat and say to the woman sit on my lap.
    A nice guy would probably give the seat to the girl. He will give everything for a girl even the things he wants. A bad boy only cares about him and sits on the seat and lets the girl stand.

    A gentleman cares about himself so he takes the seat but also cares about his woman and threats her with respects and he says put you on my lap. He also finds her sexy but lets be honest a ugly woman wouldn’t be sitting on you’re lap.

    So what’s my point? You asking how to become a bad boy is basically you being a nice guy you are changing you’re morals to get attention.

    There are nice gentleman who have respect for woman but are still not a nice guy. The big difference is they have control over themselves they are confident and know what they want and will not change to get attention. They also threat the woman with respect but also wants that the woman threats them with respect if a woman does something disrespectful he will probably be assertive and say something about it and will not give her much attention anymore (if it happens again and she ignores him or if she does something really bad like not coming to a date)

    You don’t need to be a dick to get woman. Woman fall for dicks because they are confident don’t seek attention and have self respect that they are assertive enough to show their boundaries.

    So my advise stop seeking attention and affection from woman don’t try to play theater by acting like a bad boy because you aren’t one. Some guy’s don’t have the personality to be a bad boy but that doesn’t mean you have to be a pussy a guy who doesn’t respect himself and doesn’t have any boundaries.

    Moral of the story : woman dislike nice guy’s not because they are nice and friendly but because they aren’t themselves they are acting a certain way to get attention.

    Bad boys are themselves although they have a bad personality but I am pretty sure you don’t have a bad personality you just have some confidence issues wich is fine we all have our demons you need to face them and become the perfect self that respects woman but also wants respect and if you don’t get it she can fuck off…
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    Forget about being a bad boy wannabe. Try becoming a man.
  9. What you gonna do when they come for you, tho? :)
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  10. Honestly I think it is more confidence and strength women are attracted to.

    You gotta be able to be somewhat selfish and strong in you opinions, always being considerate or bending over backwards for her, the cliche nice guy, makes you seem weak.

    Sometimes you need to assert yourself and say no, that sometimes comes off as you being an asshole.
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    But what if your not the asshole your are suggesting them to be in your post? You don't have to put yourself first to be 'true to yourself'. I give up my seat to the elderly. Does that mean I want to seduce them? No, it means I'm not a jerk.

    Being nice, and being "too nice" are two completely different things. Yes, being overly helpful to the point of getting in the way, or stripping away her independence which makes you seem desperate is going to be a turn off for most women, but you don't need to be self-centered. Sure, if you are like that, sure, be a douche, but you won't get the type of women that are going to be worthy relationship material to someone who is genuine.
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    Arguing against the bad boy image does not mean we making a case to be a "Good Boy", that is not what we are saying at all.

    What we are saying is dont be a "Bad Boy"; rather just be yourself!
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    Which is exactly what I said.
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    This coat pulling game on everything, I didn't even know I needed this til I read it.
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    Torture many women to death and dismember babies and you will be the dream man for women with hybristophilia. You will be famous and countless women will send you love letters.
    But do you want psychopathic women who are into evil men?
    Do you want women who want wannabe badboys?
    Or do you want a woman who loves you for being a good man?

    I know I exaggerate a lot here, but basically you want to fully warp your character to get laid?
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    Lots of awesome advice here.



    Be yourself is dangerous advice these days, especially for the "nice guys". They just get friendzoned and exploited. That's the sad truth.

    Thanks for this view, bro. Never thought about it from this perspective.



    I liked especially @kingpietro 's text. That's exactly the right amount of being nice and assertiveness.

    Also you could check out the MGTOW perspective. That's basically the best attitude.
    If I remember corretly this is one of the videos
    Or search for "sandman nice guy"
    and checkout mgtow 101 channel.
    After you absorb this content you should know everything you need.

    @Vulkan , haha you were faster.
    After reading you post, I just remembered this ROK post. , also goes in the direction of @Outwit the six ghosts of fear
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    You're either born a Chad or you're not.
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    Unbelievable, I had almost this exact situation today, I am not bullshitting you. Just now read your nice post.
    It was not in the train, but in the doctors waiting room, which makes it even more spicy. We both walked in, I took the last seat and suggested she could sit on my lap (and tapped on my leg to make her sit down). She stood there and we had a nice conversation (first small talk, then other stuff like hiking in skandinavia), when I was quiet she started to talk to me again. I told her I would love to see her again, she liked that but said she has a boyfriend.

    Should I have tried more, even if she said she had a boyfriend? Did she want to test my confidence, if I persist to meet her? Maybe yes, if I ever have this situation again....
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    Be a good boy, do your homework, get a good grade, get the money, get the honey.

    But after school, you break all the rules. ;)
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    Nah. You can be a Chad if you want, but the whole concept of being or not being a Chad is kind of a meme.
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