How to become vegetarian?

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  1. I mean I know how to become a vegetarian, just dont eat meat right? But why the fuck it is so hard? I feel like vomiting every time after I have eaten meat. But I cant seem to pull through. Meat is just 10% more pricier than any vegetarian diet and it has more nutrients than a equivalent vegetarian food for the same price. It is tastier than vegetables also. Any thoughts on it?
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    You can still eat potato, egg and cheese. They replace the textures in vegetarian food that you miss from not eating meat.
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    Don't do it, it's a mistake, imho.

    Humans are omnivores. Embrace it.

    It's a psychological thing, being disgusted by meat, and by yourself for eating it. You can overcome it.

    For me and many others who have suffered years of illness, eating veg is self destruction, not self improvement.

    Fatty red meat having more nutrients, more bio-available and better taste (plus real satiety / satisfaction) is exactly right.

    On the extremes; people who go carnivore can maintain perfect health for years without supplementation or vitamins. People who are vegan, absolutely cannot. Vitamin B12, D3, essential fatty acids, bio-available iron, zinc etc. these cannot be found in vegetables.

    Potatos and cheese are tiring, sickening and addictive. They cause bloating, bad skin, congestion and are lacking in nutrients.

    Cheese is also equally "cruel" to animals, if not more so. I think vegetarians simply overlook the facts and include dairy, in attempt to avoid a huge protein deficiency. Even then, you're rarely, if ever, getting enough. There's nothing ethically superior about the diet, and it is far from the healthiest way of eating.

    You want to consume a bare minimum of 1 gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. If you workout, like you should, make it 1.5 grams. Minimum.

    Eggs are fine and good. You can get free range, which is more ethical and arguably healthier. But a large one only contains 6 grams of protein.

    If you weigh 80 kilos and are aiming for 1.5 g per kg, you require 120 grams of protein per day. That's a lot. That would be 20 large eggs, every day. 100 g of beef usually contains about 20 g of protein. So relying just on cows for protein would still mean you need to eat a solid 600 grams per day. The thing is, when you do this, you have less and less room or desire for vegetables in your stomach.

    The fat that comes with meat is the most satiating food, and a wonderful, clean burning fuel for the body. It can become your primary fuel if you adapt and enter nutritional ketosis. The body then makes it's own glucose as needed, to power about 30% of the brain and some red blood cells. The rest runs by using ketones made from fat.

    What about fish? Yep, they are fine and good. But they are also expensive and as ethically questionable as any other food. They are mostly deficient in healthy fats, and from personal experience, no amount of them will ever help you recover fully from depression, anxiety, brain fog, lethargy and other ongoing ailments that once plagued me as a vegetarian. That is not to mention mercury, arsenic etc. contamination. Eating large amounts is going to put you at risk for reaching toxic levels of such things in your system pretty quick.

    Nuts are fine, but they are very expensive, fattening and cause allergies in many folk.

    Eat meat, drink water, sleep deeply and be healthy.

    Have occasional vegies if you like and even more occasional fruit, but realise they are not necessary, and from large monocrop sources are equally destructive and questionable ethically for the health of our mother earth.

    Name one fruit or vegetable that the human body cannot live in good health without. There are none. We cannot even digest their fibres.

    I tried to keep this simple and write a summary for my own clarification as much as anything. Through my upbringing, I used to view red meat and saturated fats as unhealthy and correlated with heart disease and all that. Avoiding these real foods for much of life has had a devastating impact on my mental and physical health.

    How to become a vego is pretty basic and not that hard, if you don't mind putting in truckloads of effort for meal prep all the time.

    The real question for me is; why would you want to?
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    I am transitioning from a vegetarian diet into a vegan diet and I agree with the above. It's important to try and go in completely if you can but if not, you could do it step by step. Fill it with food you like to eat and want to eat. I know before I even went vegetarian I cut out all read meat for my diet for around a year and just ate chicken and fish. I soon cut out chicken and fish a little bit later. It's all a process and some do it completely and some need steps. If you commit to this diet as said above, you will have the time to meal prep, you will find foods you did not know tasted delicious, you will be helping saving the environment and the animals. Good luck on your journey.
  5. Hey man, I turned vegan with the inspiration of Infinite Waters on youtube. Best choice I've ever made (alongside with Nofap).

    Before, eating meat and eggs was definitely an addiction, and it was hard to stop. But after a while it became easy, and now i dont want anything else anymore, it's an amazing lifestyle with a lot of benefits.

    If you have any questions, let me know :). How i made the transition was to stay close to my own taste, so i the beginning.. i ate a lot of fried potatoes n stuff :) all the best
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    Do it gradually. I'm not vegetariannow but I was for 21 years. The way mum and I started was to spend a summer cooking veggie every other day. By the end of that summer we had it nailed.
  7. Sorry to say. But I disagree. Lets get this first point over with. Humans are not Omnivorous. Humans are conditioned to eat meat. Only carnivorous animals can digest meat. We can cook the meat and eat it but cannot consume directly. Why do we feel disgusted if we try to eat raw meat? Think about it. Animals like Lion, Tigers do not feel disgusted.

    Also, I eat chicken and sea food only. I dont eat beef. "Meat" is a generic term, I should have chosen chicken and fish instead.
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    Switching from my former diet to an entirely plant-based one during last year was one of those self-improvement steps that led me onto the NoFap-journey further ahead. I started with cutting out sweets (as those broke havoc on my psyche) and later on, red-meat and the dairy (including eggs). After some time, my digestion didn't have to work as hard and when I felt full, it was a good feeling and not a painful one. But, my anxiety and confidence issues didn't start to improve big-time until I began NoFap last winter.
    Although I wasn't eating plenty of meat prior to this change of diet, it was still enough to not make me feel well after consuming it, especially not in my gut and digestive tract.
    I also got a faster and smoother digestion which made my hemmorrhoids disappear with time as well. A plant-based diet combined with NoFap is a recipe for future success!!
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    I literally just started trying out eating a pescatarian diet this year, which means I have a vegetarian diet but I also eat fish/seafood. I started just to see how it would be like and I just quit meat cold turkey, keep in mind I was probably one of the biggest meat eaters you would have ever met at the time. In my opinion, I thought it was fun to try and see how long I could go without eating meat, but also to see if I could get creative in my cooking, and since then its kind of forced me to be creative which is awesome because I ended up researching recipes that I had never done before and trying them out. I personally have a thing where if I'm in San Francisco I eat Pescatarian, but if I visit family in LA I eat meat there, so you don't have to have any strict rules for yourself in my opinion. Like I go to this Chinese restaurant that has really good chow mien, but it has little tiny pieces of meat, I still order it, because 99% of the rest it is vegetarian, but these are just the rules I set for myself. I would encourage you to try being pescatarian just for like a month and see if you like it compared to vegetarianism, you might like it.
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    LOOK at this guy, vegan for 6 years and try and tell me that he's sub-optimal fitness.
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    I've been vegan for nearly 3 years now, and I can tell you for sure that the protein deficiency is a nasty myth. Plant based food, in many cases, has more protein per calorie than meat. B12 is produced by animals when they eat green vegitation, such as grass. But virtually no animal today is fed grass because it's not economically sustainable. So the meat on the market has no natural B12 in it anyway. It's added on artifically, just like fortified breakfast cereals, nutritional yeast or marmite. Red and processed meats are in the same cancerongenic group as cigarettes. The link between all kinds of cancer is so strong and undeniable that they are considered VERY cancerogenic. And that is not to mention the risk of hearh disease and obesity that comes with meat consumption.
    I can't post links yet as I am new, but find some videos on youtube if you're interested or DM me so I can send the actual links.
    Google something called "the pleasure trap". It explains a lot about why vegetarian food gives you less satiety at the beginning and why that means nothing. It explains a lot about porn addiction as well.

    It's a hard habit to kick but just do it. Check out Kurzgezagts recent video on meat "Why meat is the best worst thing", they don't suggest going vegan directly but that's largely because it would be financial suicide if they did considering how they make their revenues.

    Also check out the CrashCourse on the philosophical and ethical considerations of eating non-human animals. Very well made video as well.

    I honestly really enjoyed Erin's Dairy is f*cking scary video too, check it out.

    NutritionFacts is well studied, well references source of good science on nutrition without the traditional mainstreem restrictions and bias.

    I hope this helps, I can give you some more material, some good science is out there too. Let me know if this does something for you and I can hook you up with more.

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