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  1. richMann

    richMann Fapstronaut

    Hello bros!

    The desire to make a good impression on people quite natural, especially when it comes to a situation when you're chatting with a girl. We won't get into consideration something more specific, such as a romantic date, because there is already a guy trying by hook or by crook attract "ladylove" resorting to a variety of ways, starting with a huge bouquet of flowers and ending with passionate declarations of love.

    Let's look at situation where your relationship is still at a neutral level. Perhaps in the future they become a reliable partnership, or a strong friendship, or even a real passionate love. But this remains to be cool and don't make things happen too fast. And by the time, in any case, you must first make a good impression on the girl. Let us think what a girl may like, and what not.

    1. First, rather important thing - your attention to her appearance. Sender - this is exactly what you need! But the focus should be "easy", unobtrusive and only beautiful compliment, one that came to nothing obliges, for example, a few words about how wonderful it looks today. Any girl from such pleasant words will be feeling like a pretty flower:p.​

    2. The second point going the ability to conduct a neutral conversation.
    Try talking about herself or about anything, it seems, all the girls love it.
    No need to ask the girl too many questions about how much she earns and what her prospects in personal life. Try to follow some general themes that do not affect either her or your personal life. You can speak about personal life only if you already know her well enough and you have developed trust relationships. In this case you can be sure that your question is not unpleasant to girl, and your personal life,not that uninteresting for partner.​

    3. Do I need to tell something about yourself? Of course, you should not leave the impression of the girl in a faceless listener.
    There are no need in immediately "stunning" her about all your sport achievements, success in school or size of salary. Talk about yourself naturally and simply: well -yes, indeed - you know, yes - earn. But do not focus attention on this, try not to show all your achievements. Clever girl with even a small amount of information, realise that you are a good person.​

    4. Do I need to show signs of attention? Necessarily!
    Every girl will feel pleasant to a gentleman even for a short time. Do not forget to pass her the door, open the door of the car, give a hand when leaving public transport, buy coffee or ice cream for her. It's all the little things, but your "portrait" is sum of those ones.​

    5. Does it matter your appearance? Do not even doubt, it 100% Yes!
    Girls usually give attention to the appearance of boys, as the boys are not apathy to their beauty. The only difference is that girls often like not the beauty, but "masculine image". You may be dressed as expensive and stylish and quite simple too, but the main thing is carefully! Shoes should be perfectly pure, all things must have their place and be in order. She must pay attention to every little detail in your image, including perfume. Therefore, if there is no good - do not "impose" bad .​

    6. And finally - money!
    A lot of guys not having enough money, begin to feel uncomfortable not only in communication, but sometimes even complexes about this. Believe me: it is not important! (in any case for normal girls) But at least it must be some money in your pocket to be sure that you can pay for transport or the cup of coffee. She can pay for you, and will even say that it isn't difficult, can be shy and try to give you money even for her coffee, but you will earn real "minus" in her eyes about you.​

    ~~~If you can not remember all the advice, just get out of moral values such as honesty, tact, politeness, modesty, self-esteem. Be a real man always, in all situations, not from time to time - and every girl will immediately "read" that in your eyes!~~~

    And some conclusion from me:
    As we know all things must be in balance, don't attend too much attention to girls because it bring bad news for you in future. And the essence is in "Today living", today we all are alive, but no-one knows what will be tomorrow.

  2. programer

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    Thank you very much for your Post.
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  3. AVRA

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    I agree with everything you wrote , thanks for the post
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