How to Combat Isolation

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    Hi everyone. Over the past few months I've been closely evaluating why I relapse into pmo. Isolation is the one thing that keeps presenting itself as the single most damaging cause. How do you combat isolation you might ask? In this post I will share some ways to deal with isolation in order to overcome your pmo addiction.

    Working From Home
    Do you work from home? If yes, then don't. Go to a coffee shop or even a park. That's where I am writing this post. Find a nice local spot that will allow you to work undisturbed with free wifi and relatively cheap food. Limiting your pmo exposure by working in public places is the best way to combat isolation.

    Live Streaming or video calls
    If for some reason you cannot go to a coffee shop, then setting up a camera and live streaming your desk is another option to avoid isolation. This is only a backup solution and shouldn't be used on a regular basis.

    Night Time
    When the sun begins to set you need to be more vigilant than ever. Work on planning things to do during the week at night. Don't wait the day of to ask, be intentional. Don't be that guy that waits to be asked to hangout. Don't be a passive b*tch. If you don't have any friends then you need to find some. Go to a church or a bar, depending what kind of person you are. Places are beginning to open up again so stop using the COVID excuse for not going out.

    Social anxiety
    For those of you saying you have crippling social anxiety, I can relate. A friend once told me there is no such thing as an introverted person. The reason people are introverted is because they are ashamed of who they are. Don't be constantly worried of what people think of you. Don't take yourself so seriously and laugh at yourself. Most introverts who are pmo addicts crave deep meaningful connections.

    Resource list
    Your local coffee shop
    Your local park
    Your local pub
    Your local church
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    Good stuff but you can still be isolated even when around a lot of people. Isolation doesn't necessarily mean being alone. But as for eliminating the addiction of porn, it is a great idea to always be around people, as you will not relapse around them. It is a great strategy for most of the time.
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