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    Now I know it says my status is about 2 days of no PMOing, but that's because I have not followed this detailed instruction. I am ready to go on for the rest of my life as a free man. Ask yourself this, are you? Do you want to completely stop these horrid habits and get back to the life you've always dreamed of (I.e. PMO free)? Well, this will certainly help you out, and this is no scam!

    Remove all your temptations of PMO by following what is written under M and O

    Let's get straight to it, to begin with, we'll look at how to entirely stop P, than M and O.

    P: pornography is a thing where, if you get hooked onto it, you really can't stop. It has the same effects as drugs releasing the chemical dopamine and many endorphins in insane and unnatural or artificial quantities. It's easy to get hooked up to this kind of thing, but good luck stopping.
    This is going to be further categorized into devices:

    a) on a computer:
    Download the K9 Web Protection Browser from here:
    And click "Free download"
    You will be redirected to create an account for this. Write in your name, your last name, your email address and your email address verified. The password comes later on after you download. Please note, if you are trying to prevent yourself from this action, you need to create a new email address, with a password that is extremely long and just a bunch of code, with no meaning to it. Mixed in with it a bunch of symbols, capitals and lower cased letters as well as numbers. Write this down on a piece of paper and DO NOT throw away the paper until I tell you to! Make sure that while you create the email (Hotmail, Gmail etc.) You must not add in your number. Instead, use a security email, or recovery email; make sure you don't know the password to the recovery email!!! Then, after you have done this, type in that email address to the K9 website. After doing so, you should see it download... Once complete go through the installation process. And you must verify your email through the installation process by typing in the code they send you via that email. You will then be asked to type in a password of your choice. And it must be verified. MAKE SURE you write in a password which will be a bunch of code. It can be the same as the email but make sure you do not memorize it. It should install successfully, clicking next. Then, after all this, open up K9 - please note it will not be an application on your desktop. So search for it in the the startup, or, on any web browser ,type in, its also all on the website. For further information, visit the k9webprotection site. Finally, here you can adjust at what you look at by clicking on setup, and logging in using your password. After that is complete, tear the paper into tiny shreds, the one with the password, and throw it out, or better yet burn it unless you wish to follow the process with the Android and iOS devices as explained below. That way, you'll never have access to the password and it'll become very easy for you to stop watching pornography. And it's completely 100% useful and in this case FREE OF CHARGE. The K9 browser gives you the choice of what you want to block! Including pornography etc. Please on a final note see to it that this blocks blocked sites on the majority or all web browsers on your desktop.

    b) protecting an Apple device: very simple and straight forwards. Download the Mobicip Safe Browser With Parental Control Apple App. Once it's installed from the Apple Store, click on it, and create an account; this time, your going to want to follow the same steps as above for the email address, and you should use the same password here if you want. It should also configure quickly with you, and you are going to want to confirm your email. Then head on over to the settings of your device, and set Safari off, as well as the age restriction rating to 16+ and not 18+ so that it is not possible for you to download other browsers. You are also going to want to restrict uninstalling apps so that Mobicip is not uninstalled. Enjoy your browser, in safety. For more information visit
    Please note there is a premium version of this software, but you can still work with it without paying. There are more features in the premium. If you don't have an Android device, and you are fully finished with the configurations, you can rip the paper in the garbage.

    c) on a non-rooted Android device with a user who is not that much of a hacker or smarty when it comes to forcing apps to do things that they shouldn't : download and configure Mobicip, as with the Apple device but you are, after installing the app, going to want to follow the above instructions. Then, head on over to its settings and uncheck the option to block new apps, as well as well as untick the option to block the Play Store. You are going to want to download an application known as Mobile Fence from the Play Store, and configure it by using the same password as Mobicip. Then go into the settings and block installation of browser apps or internet browsing apps and uncheck Mobicip. This way, your device should remain safe.

    d) on a rooted device with a genius behind the Android phone: do all of the above [c)], however, in Mobicip, block the Play Store ( I don't want to say why). And use Applock to lock any apps which have the potential of freezing apps, or making them unresponsive and make sure you write the password down and then throw it in the garbage after finishing configuring it.

    2. M and O: the temptations to masturbate can be large, but there is one extremely effective way to stop masturbating (by removing temptations) and to stop watching pornography. Exercise, exercise, and exercise.

    I don't mean the typical walking to work exercise, or walking to the fridge, I mean heavy exercises which will really tire you out. If you do these exercises frequently enough, you will stop with these habits. I recommend running for an hour and seriously tiring yourself out. Certain studies have shown that a little exercise will boost testosterone levels, whereas marathon runs will actually decrease it dramatically. If a sexual thought after this comes to your head, it can be very easily ignored. Have a rubber band around your hand after the exercise, and whenever a faint thought of PMO comes to you, flick the rubber band. Otherwise if the thoughts are unignorable and consistent, you didn't exercise enough. Finally, meditations and prayers will get you back in life, and relax you from anything that happens.

    I can guarantee you that if you follow these steps, you will recover 100%!
    (Anything you follow, you do at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything that happens, and I do not intend to advertise anything by explaining good resources!)
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    You have been warned to stop :(

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