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    Hi guys,

    I know that there are more experienced then me nofappers out there so I will be happy to read some answers I am already 10 months(317days) since I started hard mode nofap.
    So 10 months like already passed and now I am kind seeing a girl that I like but my dick is behaving very strange when I am around her there are times I get hard on rare accessing hard as it should be but most of the time I am not hard enough or when I am and put a condom on I lose the erection (maybe I will lose it even without haven't tried so far). At this point I still think I am in flatline because my desire for her ( the internal beast) like its there but its buried and something is stopping it from emerge like I am disconnected with my penis.
    We tried to do sex two times the first time with the condom I did not felt so great but I think the second time was a little bit more pleasurable. So do you think now with this woman I can help myself to rewire and finally have a pleasurable sex evading PM and doing O only with her, or should I stick to the PMO hard mode until I feel entirely healed ?
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