How to control erections and subsequent urges after viewing steamy scenes in normal sitcomss?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by sid2594, Mar 19, 2019.

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    Hi.. I am new to the forum . Whenever I see any random Netflix or primevideo show and if there’s a steamy makeout scene or sex scene , I get some sensation in my penis and it starts to rise sorting which many times I try to feel my dick but I make sure I don’t fap. Which leads me to urges but I don’t succumb to it. How do I manage that? Could someone guide ? More so, I was heavy porn consumer - literally all sorts including LGBT, I associate as straight and I want to be one but sometimes any nudityy would give me a boner. Is it normal? How to deal with it?
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    1. Avoid steamy/sex scenes in movies and sitcoms. (You'd probably recommend a recovering alcoholic
    to avoid parties where liquor is served?)
    *Since those movies/shows/videos are 'triggers' to most people ... it is necessary to avoid them .... and watch some other shows you enjoy (that build you up).
    2. Good that you associate as straight. You can make your life easier by avoiding the junk/dysfunctional/immoral movies, shows and videos.
    3. To enjoy the New & Improved you ....... got to distance yourself from the Old & Immoral you.
    4. F-A-C-T: Whichever Wolf you feed [influence, etc.] the most -- will W-i-n !!!!!!!

    You probably heard this story, but just in case :



    A NoFap Fapstronaut's advice -- “Keep going man, take it one day at a time and eventually we'll be free.”

    Benefits of NoFap = improved social skills -- PMO based fear, guilt, shame and weakness is replaced by strength, assertiveness, self-confidence, self-respect, peace, etc.
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    I've had to abstain from watching anything, and reading any fiction due to steamy scenes that may pop up.

    Music is my chosen therapy.
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    My Journal
    The first few weeks (or months depending upon how long you were and addict) will be very tough to control yourself. Even a good looking actress who is completely clothed will turn you on.

    It's a fact. I have been there. Even now on +30 days, whenever I am watching a movie or a video on YouTube, I make sure that I am just looking at their face and not anywhere else.
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    Abstain is the best approach- TV is filled with sex - too much and it’s embedded in our culture through media - “sex sells”
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    This is an edited quote from me in another thread....

    “Yes agreed... I have watched the sexual stuff increase on TV for over 4 decades. Although I don’t watch TV anymore it’s mostly crap IMO - It just keeps increasing decade after decade. And as for movies yes but that’s not new just different I remember a lot of movies in the 80s that were very sexual. Having HBO in the house when I was a teenager helped spur on my PMO addiction- there were a lot of nudity and sexual/ seductive scenes in a lot of movies back then too.

    This isn’t an accident it’s intentional and it teaches us from the time we are kids that this is all “normal.” I read an amazing series of articles on the power of TV to “brainwash” and influence peoples thinking with some scientific study and research on how the TV signals impact the brain and how the particular waves from TV / video signals actually put the brain into a semi hypnotic state - (by the way watching porn videos essentially puts our brain in the same state.) There is a reason why they call it TV - “Programming”.

    Anyway enough of the conspiracies- do some research on it if you are interested pretty interesting stuff.

    Think about it though .... some of you older folks on here when you were a kid and watched cartoons on Saturday mornings remember Pepe Le Pew. He was teaching us how to lust... remember when a good looking female character would walk by and the male characters eyeballs and tongue would pop out of his head and his heart would stretch out of his chest pounding like crazy with the horn sounds, etc., etc. ... since we were kids we were taught this is all “normal” ... lust, nudity, sexuality porn - hardcore sex. (It’s just the way it is always in our face / minds since we were kids... Now it’s about sexual orientation, etc. or whatever, all telling us it’s “normal” ... it’s like laugh tracks on sitcoms - what is the psychology behind laugh tracks? Bad jokes or things that were once offensive to most people in our society are cloaked in a laugh track repeatedly and eventually it becomes funny... it’s a subtle way of making it all “normal”

    I say it’s mind pollution “sex sells” yes but it also influences.... and makes us all think it’s “normal”

    “Follow the money” and you’ll find the agenda behind the curtain.

    Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box - I agree with the sentiment of the thread.”

    .... It’s not that we can’t or shouldn’t watch TV or movies it’s about understanding this impact on sexuality and sexual behaviors, etc. why is this so prevalent in media?

    This is reflective of the kind of power and influence the media has on sexuality and other things.

    Anyway- I just think the more we understand these things and can look at the bigger picture it helps us to be better equipped to deal with our approach to whtever might influence or trigger us, etc.
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