how to create a new group ?

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  1. when i click on the add group link, it leads to a page which says some permission is required for viewing it. messaged two staff members. they either dont know it themselves or are just too lazy to reply.
    so, can anyone clarify how can i create a new group ?
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    First, please make sure that none of the current groups fit what you're looking for and that there is sufficient interest in the group you wish to create.

    New groups can only be created by moderators. Please contact @matthewmammothrept and he will be able to create a new group for you.


    - Sunshadow
  3. i sent him a message two days ago and even wrote on his profile. but did not get a reply even though that chap is online all the time. this kind of behavior reflects very badly on the nofap staff.
    thats why i had to create this thread.
  4. @raymondsingh bhai, remember that the mods do a *tonne* of work around here. They have to step in when there are trolls, stop spam attacks, weigh up if an action is free-speech or violates the terms of service. They also have to jump in to do code-changes and additions to the software.

    Sometimes, they have so much going on, that they have to fire-fight, prioritise what to do. AND don't forget, most of them fight PMO themselves. So there's a lot to do and a lot of pressure.

    You don't know the reason your request is being held up - they may be wrestling with the code, to keep the site online for all of us.

    I recall a wise young man writing in his profile post: "i find that doing some logic puzzles or complex math problem can also help in an emergency. maybe because it exercises the part of brain which is responsible for logical decisions and self restraint."

    Just be patient and understanding, and it will all work out. You'll see.

    Namaste :)
  5. yeah, it could be that the matthew mammoth guy is very busy. although i somehow doubt that.
    anyways i have nixed the idea of creating a group as i will be limiting my internet usage and so managing a group will not be possible.
    btw, congrats on completing more than 45 days. you are past the halfway mark and that too on your first try. that is really commendable. #Nofapbeast ! good luck with the rest of the journey.
  6. Thanks @raymondsingh! Although this is my first time on NoFap, I've tried to quit PMO for 20+ years! :) Keep fighting bhai, keep walking forward!
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