How to cry?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by DerSchütze, Sep 7, 2019.

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    I know it can be good for you to let your emotions out once in a while, and I have no problem crying during war movies, and sometimes thinking about negative experiences in my past. But should I think of these negative experience to cry? Is that healthy? I could probably do it by focusing on my negative emotions regarding my current situation, but is this healthy either? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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  2. Don’t force yourself to cry. When you need to cry you’ll know it and when that time comes express it and then let it pass.
    Dwelling on the past, recalling sad situations or emotions just to get yourself upset does you 0 good. If it’s an issue you are working though and you feel the need to release the sadness of that situation, that is perfectly healthy. But then you must move past it.
    To relive again and again something that is in the past just to marinate in the tragedy of it is the opposite of healthy.

    Don’t force yourself to cry, let it happen as it comes naturally.
  3. DerSchütze

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    This makes sense, thanks.
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  4. Kiz Whalifa

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    Nah, that would probably do more harm than good. Dynamic meditation would be a much healthier release, but it's just not for most people.
    On the other hand, simple mindfulness meditation works wonders.
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    I'm not advocating crying, but I am advocating dealing with your emotions, even if that means to cry.

    It recently happened to me that I was in a meeting at work and I read a phrase which, in the setting of the meeting, was harmless; however, the phrase made me angry, frustrated and I was weeping inside, so I excused myself and had a good cry in the bathroom, though I didn't understand why: the emotion I felt was that of loss and the triggering keyword was "encouragement" placed next to a picture of a child.

    I believe crying should follow emotional exploration, not the other way around. What you would like to do is to explore your emotional being to experience the guilt, sadness, fear, loss and frustration, to integrate them in your being; if the brings up crying, let it be. But the other way around, to force yourself to cry by thinking of negative events without a purpose, I believe may not have a similar effect on your wellbeing.

    One more thing: set up some time to do the emotional exploration, in the evenings perhaps. You'll feel like "it's cry time", but after a while crying will subside, if you focus on experiencing the emotions.
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  6. Infrasapiens

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    An ant found me extremely sexy one day and "kissed" my privates while I was sleeping. I cried.
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  7. Tibo87

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    Nope. Repeating negative emotions or digging into the past won't be healthy at all.

    As others said, if you feel the need to cry, you will feel it, and just let it go. Yes it is healthy to cry, but not force it, especially if it is ''negative crying''.
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  8. I suffer from depression from time to time, especially in the past it was very hard for me and I had a feeling of really being sad but I could not cry so easy. That was a really worse thing. In this situation it was very helpful if I get myself to cry because it somehow clears a accumulation of bad feelings. For that it was useful to me to listen to sad music or reading a sad story.

    Another solution can be doing sports, especially in nature. For me was the best thing to ride my bike or go jogging in the nature. A cold shower can also help to "forget" this sad feeling and get back to feel the reality in which you are now in.
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  9. Ad4gio

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    The best kind of tears, in my opinion, are ones shed when you behold something beautiful. When a piece of music or literature or film moves you to tears, it really gets you in touch with something within yourself that many of us don't come in contact with very often.
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  10. I guess I will be contrarian here.
    I have spent most of my life being unable to cry. I wrote about it a bit here my journal— but basically learning to withhold emotions causes massive problems.

    Crying is like defecation for bad stuff. Sometimes overwhelming stuff. Sometimes good stuff. It’s a relief valve for the soul.

    I wish I could make myself cry—like my nieces do when they don’t want a spanking. Lol.

    Well maybe not like that.

    But I know flossing your emotions keeps you sensitive. Pushing or squeezing a tear is not the issue it’s learning to instinctively restrain and repress your emotions subconsciously that’s the problem.

    My wIfe cries every time we talk.
    My father in law, when he discovered cancer, cried constantly for “beautiful “ things see his grand kids , to see his daughters , etc.

    If you feel you are holding back — that tells me you need to cry more.

    You should prime the pump because it IS POSSIBLE to turn it off.
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  11. This is fantastic.

    I cry all the time. Sometimes its sort of inconvenient at a given moment. Sometimes I'll warn someone that if I continue to talk about a certain subject, I'll cry- because I don't want them to be alarmed or think that something is wrong. I'm just super open to my emotions, and I think I'm much happier for it.
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  12. Infrasapiens

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    Or when the telephone company decides to work and put your cables back. If that ever happens I will cry for days.
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