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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by atak, May 3, 2017.

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    This might sound weird but lately I'm getting piercing eye contact from girls and I don't know how to deal with it. It isn't th normal 3 second eye contact. They literally keep eye contact forever. At it is a piercing eye contact. It is kind of weird to stare at a stranger this long so I usually break it after 4 seconds. It might sound weird but how do I deal with this. I kind of like the attention but usually it is a social setting like work place so I can't approach to talk.
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    Yes. Like I said I break the eye contact. Otherwise the staring get's uncomfortable. I don't go out so I don't have any opportunities. Also I'm trying to recover from ED so I'm not trying to. I just want to know how socially savvy persons would act in such a situation. Staring at each other endlessly is obviously not a solution.
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    The same thing has been happening to me haha! I've been studying in the library a lot lately , and the other day this girl kept staring at me and holding eye contact for atleast 5 seconds... I always feel awkward when this happens and so I look the other way if they start starting.
  4. Tell them staring is rude. You could always start drooling. So many options. Have fun with it.
  5. I just raise my eye brows and they say "hey". Or if she's far away, then just nod your head implying a "sup shawty". Keep it playful dawg, not that cereal.
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    Don't waste time and go and make conversation!!! If you dont wanna chat to all, pick somebody that you really find attractive and just go for it. It'll also help with rerouting the pleasure and satisfaction and excitement to that of a woman.
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    Say to them in your best Will Farrell as Robert Goulet voice "quick, staring contest you and me go. You win you always do. Dah dah dee dah da doom. Goulet "
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  8. In my experience, it's vampires. Always vampires.
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    You should be uping the ante when a woman stares at you. Example, yesterday I was walking along the road, eating an ice-cream, when I noticed a woman on the other side staring at me. I held the eye contact, and when she also held it, I smiled and waved. This is healthy, social, and natural. It shows you are just a normal debonair kind of guy, and it may even lead to a conversation.
  10. Smile and say hey. Start a conversation if it seems appropriate. I think if they're maintaining eye contact, it means they're open to interacting. But if as soon as you start talking, they break eye contact, then retreat! Say well it was nice to meet you or oh cool, anyways, I better get back to work.
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    Is this a joke? Its called getting Eye Fucked. Its how a women lets you know she is interested and wants to talk to you. Women are not supposed to approach men. That is the mans job. So they eye fuck you to let you know to come over and talk them and they are interested in sleeping with you.. its either that or you have somehing on your face.
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  13. F50C137YZ

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    People read into this too much. Eye contact doesn't mean someone wants to fuck you. That's moronic and assumptuous.

    However, it does mean that someone might be open to talking to you. I don't always feel like saying hi. I usually hold the eye contact until the woman breaks it.

    There is a signal in body language known as the "coital gaze". If you see a woman that you find attractive, meet her gaze and don't break it. If she holds eye contact, then looks away, then meets your gaze again, this is the "coital gaze".

    Keep in mind that, just like regular eye contact, this is not a "sure thing". Look for a smile, that's usually a definite signal to at least say hi.

    Never assume that she wants to do anything, no matter what kind of look she gives you. Women don't just usually see a guy and get an immediate wetness for them. If they do, that can easily be put off by something the guy says or does. A man can go from "hot" to "creepy" pretty easily.

    Think of attraction as something that you have some control over with your behavior and how you hold yourself as opposed to an immediate judgement. Looks have less to do with it than you would think. I've seen men that I consider butt ugly get with extremely attractive women just because they are so god damned smooth.

    So, eye contact... if you break it in 4 seconds, or any other "determined" amount of time, you could miss out on vital information.

    I work with like 80% women and I hold eye contact with all of them a majority of time. Most of them are really open to me and joke around with me all of the time. People like to be noticed and eye contact is a big part of that, especially with women.
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    This. Do not just assume that because you perceive them to be looking at you for an extended period of time that women will immediately disrobe when you saunter on over and say "sup." And the only reason I am saying this is because a lot of us guys do strike up conversations with this assumption (or at least that they may eventually disrobe for you).

    I naturally make eye contact with people who are walking towards me on the street. I've found it just as likely to get a smile than to unnerve someone. Look for further clues that they are willing to talk to you, then march in there with confidence if you're up for it.
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  15. So are you saying not to take action and start a convo? Correct me if that's not what you meant. To me, it never hurts to take action and strike a convo.
  16. Mumm Ra

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    Not at all. All I'm saying is that if a woman makes extended eye contact, don't just go in assuming it is because she wants to get it in. Which is something I have seen plenty of guys do, including myself during my more youthful days of naive optimism. Even if you do strike up a conversation, it just may be because you seem interesting, or any number of other reasons, that have nothing to do with physical attraction.
  17. Me, I am sick and tired of catch-22s. Done with them. If a woman looks at me like that, I'm going to make my intentions clear. If they don't like my intentions, then I simply move on.
  18. Buzz Lightyear

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    Often when a woman makes eye contact, all she is looking for is attention. It is all about her... she is looking for attention from guys in general. Don't waste your time with that. When you spy someone with authentic interest in you, respond in real time.
  19. John84

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    Eye contact is a signal there open to conversation. Its a foot in the door.
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    Well its easy everythings start from a small thing.try to practice it while u go to mall speak as many as u can with the girls cashier.or costumer service.barista.after they are made us to be better to comunicate with womens and from there u gonna be easy to connect with them and eye contacting its gonna be natural stuff for u next time.goodluck!

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