How to deal with sexual tension?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Curtrunner, Aug 27, 2019.

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    So how do you all deal with sexual tension and horniness?

    What are some health ways to avoid masturbation when your feelings like you need sex?
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    My Journal
    Well, I think we don't need sex. I think someone can live without having sex in her/his life. I want to have sex, but the rebooting is tough and sometimes it makes us feel like we need to come out all that energy. But it is not like that. While your rebooting gets longer your cravings for sex will gone. And when you can have sex, well do it :)
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    It takes time & patience to relax & calm down.

    I tell myself that:
    M isn't sex.
    P isn't sex.

    If I want to find someone I can truly connect with,
    I need to go out there and find her.

    But when I approach girls,
    they kinda sense or assume,
    that I'm needy, desperate, or deprived of sex.

    So, I had to learn to calm down,
    and be patient with them.

    In other words,
    you can't be tense & horny around them!
    or seem sexually needy.
    It's gonna work against you!

    It's a great paradox.

    Hope that helps.
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    I remember all I hate about myself and it goes away.
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  5. In the past I kept myself super busy through out the day. Weekdays wasn't hard although I did have slip ups from time to time viewing porn, but the weekends were what really killed me. Just laying around in my briefs with a woody most of the day didn't help. Bam instant failure

    I'm gonna try to keep myself busy. Keep my mind clean, pray, and when I have an urge to masturbate I'll recognize it as such. No harm no foul, but I won't be looking at porn jacking off that's for sure
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