How to deal with (social) anxiety?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Share The Pain, Oct 11, 2021.

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    Im struggling to leave my house, I dont even know why is it so hard, outside of my regular anxiety and its symptoms. I have a time for a psychiatrist coming but Im afraid that I cant even get there. Sigh, I just want to leave my house, go for a walk and see my friends. :(
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    lt is very difficult situation. I am also trapped into this anxiety. I barely go out. Even I can't approach a girl to say hi. That's why I am single at 22. After starting nofap, SA is reducing slowly, but surely.

    if u want to get rid off social anxiety, then u must go out of home. Meet some friend, do eye contact with strangers. I am sure slowly u can get rid of this problem.
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    Unfortunately there isn't a specific remedy against social anxiety. I also struggle with this problem, I think many people do. You should learn how to contol the anxiety and maybe a therapist can help you with that.

    But without taking any action you won't get rid of your problem. Start with small steps like going outside, meet some friends,...
  4. Exposure. Start little and work up to bigger social situations and activities. Aka something called practice
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  5. somuchforsubtlety

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    is it agoraphobia or just the fear of being around other people?
  6. What worked for me was facing my fears (Not the most original, but in the end is what works).

    I felt anxious, embarrassed, out of place... i still do sometimes. When i wanted to go home because of discomfort (not just boredom), i stayed, no matter how bad i was feeling, until the event was at least almost over. And of course, i smiled, acted friendly and tried to have a good time.

    Each week try to add a new "challenge", and keep the previous ones: walk straight, remain calmed (or pretend with your body language you are), try to strike small talk with people (nothing too long, just to overcome your fear), speak in a lower tone and louder (to avoid being unheard and unnoticed) (the lower thing is for looking more masculine)...
    The thing is, to develop an emotional habit (calmness instead of axiety), you have first to train it mechanically.

    The more you do it, the more you get used to, and the easier it gets.

    (One more thing: you may be tempted to rely on alcohol or other drugs. Don't. It will harm you, and you will become addicted to how it makes you behave and feel. Drinking is not forbidden, but don't use it as an excuse to depend on it.)

    And pray. You may not be strong enough to face this battle, but he will provide.
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    Leave your house, go for a walk and see your friends.

    Step 1: Leave your house.

    Do this one step and you'll have made great progress for the day. What's great completing step in is...

    Step 2: Go for a walk. There's three options when standing on the front step. Turn around and go back in side, sit on the front step and then go back inside or go for a walk and then go back inside. I suggest picking one that takes you to...

    Step 3: See your friends. A wonderful destination! The beauty of completing step 3 is it leads back to your house after you had a great time with friends. Now you're all set to start at step 1 again another time!

    I believe you can do it. Start by walking out the front door.
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    Usually happens when you spend a long period of time alone. Just go out even with fear and go see your friends you'll see it's not that bad
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  9. Always remember you are only one human being in 7,800,000,000 people, and that you only have one life on this planet. So you just should not care about what other people think about you - lot of social anxiety comes from your ego and feeling you are somehow special amongst all other people outside. Just practice spending as many time outside as you can, then talk to random people on the street or just say hello, in short stop paying attention to your little world and start to pay attention to other people around you. In fact, all humans are more or less anxious in social situations, just some know how to handle it.

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